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  • 中国長安ミニ道路掃除人

    1. 型番: CLW5031TSL5SC

    2. GVW: 2840KG

    3. エンジン:88HP

    4. サイズ:4650X1600X2300MM

    5. FUNCTION:Dust collect, ガベージコレクト, wet dust removal...

    • 仕様書


    中国長安ミニ道路掃除人, changan road sweeper supplier and manufacturer, hubei chengli special automobile company made road sweeperchengli road sweeper.

    China mini road sweeper supplier

    Chang’an Road Sweeper adopts suction sweeping method to collect garbage, ウェットダスト除去, 電気油圧制御, and hydraulic tilting and unloading to clean the road surface. Changan sweeper working width: 2.2メートル, inhalation granularity: φ80mm, tank volume: 0.4m3, trash volume: 1.5m3, maximum operating capacity: 11000m2/h-44000m2/h.

    Changan mini road sweeper

    Top structure:
    2 sweepers, Ryan 31 HP sub engine, joint venture motor, China Zhengtai control switch, Beijing Huade solenoid valve set, maintenance-free self-split clutch, メンテナンスフリーのファン, stainless steel trash, 水槽, 手動ポンプ緊急システム, garbage Lift the dump function.

    China mini road sweeper

    Performance characteristics
    1. Using suction sweeping method to collect garbage, ウェットダスト除去, 電気油圧制御, and hydraulic tilting and unloading operations to clean the road surface.
    2. The auxiliary engine is used to drive the fan and hydraulic system to ensure that it can continue to work during the driving process and ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.
    3. Adopt the structure layout of “four-sweep plate in center + spray dust-removal device + center partition plate + rear suction nozzle” so that gravel is not dust during cleaning. This layout is convenient for adjustment and maintenance of cleaning device and suction cup. , The passability of the entire vehicle is good when switching operations.
    4. An automatic clutch is provided between the secondary engine and the fan to ensure that the secondary engine is automatically disengaged from the fan when it starts and stops without load, which reduces the impact on the secondary engine and improves the reliability and use of the secondary engine. life.
    5. The sweeper has automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic reset when encountering obstacles. It automatically retracts when obstacles are encountered and automatically returns to the obstacles.
    6. The rotating speed of the pan can be adjusted according to various cleaning conditions to ensure good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions.
    7. The use of advanced, high-efficiency dedicated fans and fully floating nozzles that can be automatically leveled with the road, has good cleaning effect and long service life.

    Changan road sweeper manufacturer

    Changan road sweeper vehicle consists of a changan chassis, auxiliary engines, fans, electromagnetic control valves, dustbins, 水タンク, suction cups, brooms, water spray systems, 油圧システム, and electronic control systems.

    For more about the truch chassis or the detailed super structure of this Changan road sweeper vehicle , plsはメールでお問い合わせください: sales@cl-spv.comまたはwechat / whatsapp: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com

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