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  • 中国 6000 リットル冷蔵トラック
  • China refrigerated truck
  • China mini refrigerated truck
  • Changan mini refrigerated truck
  • China Changan mini refrigerated truck
  • China Changan mini refrigerated truck

    1. 型番: CLW5020XLC3

    2. GVW: 2500kg

    3. Box size: 2700x1500x1550 mm

    4. エンジン: 98 HP

    5. ホイールベース: 2900んん

    6. China Changan mini refrigerated truck

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    Changan refrigerated truck

    China Changan mini refrigerated truck, also called Changan Refrigerator truck, Changan Freezer, Changan Cold chain logistics vehicle, … mainly used to transport frozen foods (refrigerated vehicles), 乳製品 (milk transport vehicles), 果物と野菜 (fresh goods transport vehicles), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport vehicles), and so on.

    China Changan mini refrigerated truck

    The refrigerated truck is composed of the walking part of the chassis of the special vehicle, the heat insulation and insulation body (usually composed of polyurethane material, glass fiber reinforced plastic, color steel plate, ステンレス鋼, 等), the refrigeration unit, and the temperature recorder in the compartment, 等. For vehicles with special requirements, Such as meat hook car, can be installed meat hook, waist, aluminum alloy rails, ventilation slots and other optional parts.

    中国 6000 リットル冷蔵トラック

    Vehicle Model: CLW5020XLC5
    エンジン: Changan 97 馬力 (country 5)
    外形寸法: 4710×1660×2440mm
    Car body size: 2680×1500×1550mm
    Car body volume: 6.2 立方メートル
    Cabinet material: High-density polyurethane
    Rated load: 540kg
    Tyre Model: 175 Vacuum tire
    Cooling range: -5~-15 degrees
    Chassis fuel consumption: 5 litres/100 kilometers
    冷凍ユニット: Xiangyang Hanxue
    Pre-cooling time: -5 degree static cooling for 15 minutes

    China refrigerated truck supplier

    We are the special truck manufacturer, we can supply you all brands of refrigerator trucks like Dongfeng refrigerated truck, Howo refrigerated truck, Foton refrigerated truck, Jac refrigerated truck, いすゞ冷凍トラック, JMC refrigerated truck, Faw refrigerated truck, Beiben refrigerated truck, …



    Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5020XLC3
    Main technical data of refrigerated car product
    商品名: Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5020XLC3 Refrigerator car 外寸 (んん): 4710× 1660× 2440
    シャーシモデル: SC1027 貨物箱サイズ (んん): 2680× 1500× 1550
    総品質 (kg): 2150 近接 / 出発角度 (°) 34/35, 34/37
    定格品質 (kg): 540 フロントサスペンション / リアサスペンション (んん): 560/1015, 560/815
    準備の質 (kg): 1480 最大速度 (km / h): 120
    軸重: 860/1290
    シャーシモデル: SC1027 シャーシバッチ: 297
    軸番号: 2 燃料タイプ: gasoline
    ホイールベース (んん): 2900 フロントホイールベース (んん): 1360
    定格乗客: 540 後部ホイールベース (んん): 1360
    タイヤ数: 4 ばねの数: -/6
    排出基準: GB18352.5-2013 state V
    タイヤ仕様: 175/70R14LT 8PR
    エンジンモデル エンジン生産企業 変位 (ML) 力 (kw)
    JL473Q Chongqing Changan auto Limited by Share Ltd 1243 72
    The top of the car is closed and can not be opened; select the side door.

    Changan refrigerated truck

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