Autocarro spazzatrice stradale Sinotruk
  • SITRAK road sweeper truck
  • 6 wheels road sweeper truck
  • Sinotruk road sweeper vehicle
  • Howo road sweeper truck
  • SITRAK road sweeper vehicle
  • top class road sweeper truck
  • top quality road sweeper truck
  • Sinotruk SITRAK road sweeper truck
  • Autocarro spazzatrice stradale Sinotruk SITRAK di alta qualità

    1. Marca: Sinotruk SITRAK

    2. Motore: Man 350 HP

    3. Guidare: 4x2 / LHD

    4. Serbatoio: 9cbm Water + 7cbm dust

    Sinotruk SITRAK road sweeper truck

    • specificazioni

    Autocarro spazzatrice stradale Sinotruk

    Sinotruk SITRAK top quality road sweeper truck

    6 wheels road sweeper truck

    configurazione dello chassis: adopting the original chassis of Sinotruk, luxurious cab, Sinotruk German MAN 350 cavalli del motore, Sinotruk 10-speed gearbox, flange type power take-off, 5000mm interasse, 11.00 steel wire tire with spare tire, originale condizionatore d'aria, addominali, registratore di guida.

    Sinotruk road sweeper vehicle

    Main features of Sinotruk SITRAK road sweeper truck

    SITRAK washing and sweeping truck, 9 water tank and 7 dust tank, washing and sweeping width 3.5m; suction particle size φ110mm.

    With 2 central sweeping discs; central ultra-wide suction nozzle; double-layer suction tube; Cummins 170 horsepower auxiliary engine; valvola idraulica Taiwan; powerful motor; German Pinfu high-pressure water pump (forward/side injection/injection) /Rear spray)/side flushing water gun/trash can self-cleaning device); universal high-pressure roadside cleaning; Veyron low-pressure pump (pneumatic front flushing and then spraying); pneumatic ball valve control; Serbatoio acqua in acciaio inox; 4mm stainless steel trash can; controllore tedesco ; Rear arrow lights; olio, trash cans, water tanks are equipped with anti-overflow or low-level alarms; indoor monitors for reversing and washing and sweeping; multiple voice prompts; automatic reversing protection, anti-dumping garbage dumping protection, overhaul safety protection; 20m high voltage Washing reel; brush arm rotating mechanism uses German imported high-tech wear-resistant engineering spacer, no grease; precision cold-formed seamless hydraulic tubing; CAN bus motion controller one-key computer control, multiple voice prompts or alarms.

    SITRAK road sweeper vehicle

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