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Fuel tanker and trailer for action energy ready to deliver


action energy 60000 Liters LPG trailer

Fuel trailer for action energy ready to deliver, this is a 3 assali 50000 liters fuel transport trailer made by chengli truck. The model No is CLW9403GYY, the material is high quality carbon steel and the stainless steel for option, the thickness is 6.5mm for the tank, and 7.0mm for the head with a full inlet and outlet pipe system. Also other functions, we can do the customized ones for you can loading LNG CNG LPG… , pls contatto con liberamente.

action energy lpg fuel tanker ready to delivery

This is a 80000 liters fuel storage tank also for ACTION ENERGY company, as the big size we only can transport it to the port by a large trailer. Actually we can make any capacity for you, like 25000 litri, 30000 litri, 40000 litri, 50000 litri, 60000 litri, or bigger 100000 litri.

2 trailers for action energy of fuel transport trailer

This time all total 2 unità 50000 lietrs trailers and 2 unità 80000 liers storage tank, all for ACTION ENERGY.

flow chart of operating system fuel transport trailer

This is the plow chart of operating system, which designed by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd.

Cina 60000 L LPG trailer for action energy

The difference between LNG CNG LPG

When natural gas is cooled to about -162 ° C under atmospheric pressure, natural gas is converted from a gaseous state to a liquid state, called liquefied natural gas (Liquefied Natural Gas, abbreviated as LNG). LNG is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. Its volume is about 1/600 of the volume of gaseous natural gas. The weight of LNG is only about 45% of the same volume of water. The calorific value is 52MMBtu/t (1MMBtu=2.52). ×108cal).
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is natural gas pressurized (over 3,600 psi) and stored in a gaseous state in a container. It has the same composition as the pipeline natural gas. CNG can be used as fuel for vehicles.
LNG can be used to make CNG. This CNG-fueled vehicle is called NGV (Natural GasVehicle). Compared to the traditional method of producing CNG, this process requires lower precision equipment and requires only about 15% of operating and maintenance costs.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is often confused with LNG, but they are clearly different. The main component of LPG is propane (più di 95%) with a small amount of butane. LPG is stored in a storage tank in a liquid state under appropriate pressure and is often used as a cooking fuel. In foreign countries, LPG has been used as a fuel for light vehicles for many years.

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