Foton camion refrigerato
  • foto 12 000 camion litri refrigerato
  • foto 12 cbm refrigerated truck
  • China Foton refrigerated truck supplier
  • cab of Foton refrigerated truck
  • China Foton refrigerated truck manufacturer
  • kai li freezer on Foton refrigerated truck
  • final inspection of Foton refrigerated truck
  • final inspection of Foton refrigerated truck
  • foto 12000 camion litri refrigerato

    1. Modello: CLW5049XLC

    2. PTT: 4500KG

    3. Box Capacity: 12000 litri

    4. interasse: 3360mm

    5. Freezer Brand: Kaili

    6. uso: Transport frozen foods, latticini, frutta e verdura, vaccine drugs...

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    Foton camion refrigerato

    foto 12000 camion litri refrigerato, Foton fornitore camion refrigerato & fabbricante, Foton brand refrigerated van truck made by chengli truck from China.

    Foton Refrigerated truck is a full sealed van used to transport the frozen food or fresh goods, and is also kind of special transportation vehicle equipped with refrigeration unit device and polyurethane thermal insulation box.

    foto 12 000 camion litri refrigerato

    Foton gray blue color cab, 130 motore diesel cavalli di potenza, 3360mm interasse, 12000 liters refrigerated freezer box, kai li brand freezer. Whole size of it is 6000x2050x3000mm.

    foto 12 cbm refrigerated truck

    Advantages of Insulated Freezer Van body

    1. It is made of GRP and PU foam with all-closed structure that the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic Fiber) outside and PU foam in the core.

    2. Light in weight: 40% lighter than metal body.

    3. Non-corrosione, non-inquinamento, anti-cure, acido e soda-resistenza.

    4. The panel used for the truck body was constructed in type of sandwich. The thermal insulation layer is 50-80mm thick, which offers a very good thermal insulation performance.

    China Foton refrigerated truck supplier

    5. Length of Cargo body: 10-40 pollice; Capacity of Cargo body: 5-70CBM. The material of the cargo body is optional according to which kinds of goods the truck transport, with perfect heat preservation, box open model: Rear double-open or Side-open.

    6. Refrigeration unit Brand Optioanl: American CARRIER, THERMO KING. South Korea hanya. Cina Songhan, Hanxue, Kaili etc. The Temperature range can be 0° C ~ -20° C. The refrigeration units that we select have simple structure, convenient operation, reliable working, low energy consumption, large refrigerating capacity, small noise, easy installation and maintenance and other advantages.

    final inspection of Foton refrigerated truck

    The final checking of this foton refrigerated van truck before delivering to the end user.

    For more about the truch chassis or the detailed super structure of this Foton 12000 camion litri refrigerato , vi preghiamo di contattarci via mail: sales@cl-spv.com o wechat / whatsapp: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com



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