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  • Dongfeng Restaurant kitchen cooking garbage collector truck

    1. Modello: CLW5070TCAE3

    2. PTT: 7500KG

    3. Taglia: 6000x2000x2820mm

    4. Capacità del serbatoio: 6000L

    5. Nome: Kitchen/ cooking garbage collector

    • specificazioni

    Dongfeng Restaurant cooking garbage collector truck

    Dongfeng Restaurant cooking garbage collector truck, which is mainly used for the collect of the kitchen cooking garbage, water waste, Swill, and other garbage with waste water

    Dongfeng cooking garbage collector


    Garbage treatment Automation degree is high, reliable work, good sealing, large loading volume, simple operation, closed operation process, no sewage leakage and odor distribution, good environmental protection and other characteristics.

    Dongfeng Restaurant garbage collector

    It is to put the barrelswillthrough the car conveyor belt slowly on the loss, in the roof of the truck into the carriage (carriages can be divided into compartments and tanks), the garbage dropped through a strong push plate extrusion, and then solid liquid separation, separated liquid into the bottom of the tank sewage tank, solid waste is compressed stored in the tank, smaller size, So repeated to fill the meal to the kitchen Waste resources optimization treatment plant.

    Dongfeng cooking garbage truck

    Dongfeng cooking garbage truck


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