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Dongfeng off bus 6x6 militare strada
  • Dongfeng military bus
  • Dongfeng off bus strada
  • Dongfeng off road military bus
  • Dongfeng awd 6x6 military bus
  • Dongfeng off road awd military bus
  • inner view of Dongfeng military bus
  • inner view of Dongfeng off road bus
  • Dongfeng off road / trazione integrale 6×6 bus militari / camion equipaggio

    1. Modello: CLW5250ORBS

    2. PTT: 25000kg

    3. Motore: Cummins 210HP

    4. Seats: 25-30

    5. Guidare: Left/Right 6x6

    6. Customized: YES

    • specificazioni

    Dongfeng off bus 6x6 militare strada

    Dongfeng military bus, also we called all wheel drive bus, 6×6 bus, off bus strada, 30 seats military bus, is made under the cargo truck chassis, military truck chassis, 4×4 or 6×6 for your option. This 30 seats military bus is made for UN.

    Dongfeng off road awd military bus

    The main parameter of this dongfeng truck chassis:

    ▲ Cab: Dongfeng old 153 military cab.

    ▲ Drive form: 6 × 6 drive.

    ▲ Engine: Optional Dongfeng Cummins ISDe190, 210 horsepower five engine.

    ▲ Type: six-cylinder, in-line, water-cooled, four-stroke, supercharged diesel engine.

    ▲ Displacement: 4730m1, 5900m1l, 6700m1. A maximum power: 136kW / 1500X / min.

    ▲Maximum torque: 630MN. n/170ox/min.

    ▲ Gearbox: six teeth, military mechanical, six forward gear, one reverse gear.

    ▲ Transfer case: pneumatic mechanical, high and low. Clutch: ¢350mn piece, dry, gas
    Booster, hydraulic control,

    ▲ Girders: 250X80 × 12 (66) double layer.

    ▲ Drive axle: Dongfeng military with 4.5 tons drive axle.

    ▲ Axle speed ratio: 4.857.

    ▲Others: Directional power, freno ad aria compressa, vetro elettrico, optional air conditioning in the cab, car body and seat can be customized according to the actual needs of users.

    Dongfeng awd 6x6 military bus

    Top/ up structure configuration:

    The number of passengers in the cab is 3, the length of the carriage is 5.8 metri, e 24-30 bus seats can be installed. According to the user’s needs, the whole vehicle is modified to the chassis. It has 8-13Kw parking self-power generation system and 1.5Kw driving. Power generation systems, as well as power distribution systems, main and non-staple food control systems, job monitoring systems, waterway systems, oil circuit systems, accessories and tools. Main food stoves, side food stoves, dough mixers, vegetable cutting machines, frozen storage cabinets, range hoods, storage cabinets and other cooking equipment can be installed in the compartment.

    inner view of Dongfeng military bus

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