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Dongfeng Combined Jet Vacuum Truck
  • dongfeng multifunction sewage suction and cleaning truck
  • dongfeng Joint dredge Truck supplier
  • Dongfeng Jetting Sewer Cleaning Truck
  • Dongfeng Vacuum Sewage Suction truck
  • Dongfeng Jointly dredge truck
  • Dongfeng Congiuntamente dragare camion con aspirazione delle acque reflue e getto funzione di pulizia della fogna

    1. MODEL: CLW5160GQXV3

    2. PTT: 16000KG



    5. TAGLIA: 8500X2500X3250MM

    6. FUNZIONE: Vacuum Sewage Suction, Jetting Sewer Cleaning, Joint dredge, Pipeline high-pressure cleaning vehicle, veicolo dragare gasdotto

    • specificazioni

    Dongfeng Combined Jet Vacuum Truck

    Dongfeng Congiuntamente dragare camion con aspirazione delle acque reflue e getto funzione di pulizia della fogna.

    The joint dredging vehicle is also called the sewer dredge vehicle. This vehicle is a new type of sanitation special vehicle combining the functions of a high pressure cleaning vehicle and a sewage suction vehicle. The bright spot function of this vehicle is the dredging area that cannot be reached by human resources, so it is called a joint dredge vehicle. . Altre funzioni del camion sono lavapavimenti, sewage suction, paesaggio e così via.

    Dongfeng Jointly dredge truck

    Main parameters of dongfeng tianjin chassis:

    Dongfeng’s high terminal brand(tianjin), equipped with a high-profile, wide-body cab, anti-vertigo front windshield, new lighting combinations, aria condizionata originale, and channel-style instrument panel. National V emission standards, Dongfeng Cummins 210 CV, Dongfeng standard six-speed gearbox, 5-ton front axle, 10-assale posteriore ton, 24V double battery, 10.00R20 steel tire with ABS anti-lock brake system, with exhaust Purifying the urea tank system.

    Dongfeng Jetting Sewer Cleaning Truck

    Main function of cleaning part:

    Tianjin high-pressure cleaning pump, rated pressure 22MPa, flow rate 215L/min; configuration 60m hydraulic reel, reel speed 20m/min, reeling force 1800N. It is mainly used for cleaning deposits that dredge the urban sewers, and it can also be used for cleaning industrial drainage pipes, muri, eccetera. It can also be used for watering, transporting water, and flushing roads. It can also be used for fire fighting in case of emergency. The cleaning tank volume is 4 metri cubi (tonnellate) installed on the left and right sides of the tank.

    dongfeng Joint dredge Truck supplier

    Main function of sewage suction part:

    The special part consists of vacuum sewage pump, dispositivo di presa di forza, albero di trasmissione, separatore di acqua e gas, separatore di petrolio e gas, più vie valvola di inversione, sewage suction frame, serbatoio, sewage valve, and view Pollution window, manometro del vuoto, pipe network system, sistema idraulico e altri componenti. Vertical suction ≥ 7, shaft power 5.5kw, inlet and outlet diameter 50mm, full tank time <6me, full tank time <5me, higher suction vacuum than the suction truck, suction longer, greater pressure, cans The body can be hydraulically lifted, the rear cover can be hydraulically opened, and the volume is 8 metri cubi. Can meet the user’s use in different environments.

    dongfeng multifunction sewage suction and cleaning truck

    Vehicle construction

    The joint dredge vehicle is composed of a second-class chassis, power take-off devices, clean water tanks, sewage suction tanks, high-pressure water pumps, vacuum pumps, hydraulic control devices, mechanical twisting devices, high-pressure flushing pipes, vacuum suction pipes, and sewerage systems.

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    For more about the chassis parameter or the details about Jointly dredge truck (sewage suction & camion pulizia), pls contatto con liberamente. 0086-188 72992009 sales@cl-spv.com



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