snow plow mounted on Dongfeng fecal suction truck
  • Dongfeng fecal suction truck
  • back view of dognfeng fecal suction truck
  • full view of dognfeng fecal suction truck
  • LM-XC-2500 mounted on fecal suction truck
  • fecal suction tanker
  • vacuum pump on fecal suction truck
  • Water oil separator
  • details of snow plow LM-XC-2500
  • Dongfeng fecal suction truck with snow plow in the front

    1. Modello: CLW5070GXEE3

    2. PTT: 7500 kg

    3. Motore: 95 HP

    4. Snow Plow: LM-XC-2500

    5. Taglia: 7500x2150x2600mm

    6. Dongfeng fecal suction truck with snow plow in the front

    • specificazioni
    • Parameters

    snow plow mounted on Dongfeng fecal suction truck

    Dongfeng fecal suction truck with snow plow in the front. Fecal suction truck also we can call it Septic tank truck, Septic Tanker, Sewage water suction truck, waste water suction truck, … all these tankers powered by the PTO with a vacuum pump.

    Dongfeng fecal suction truck

    The composition of the suction truck:
    Oil-water separators, water and gas separators, dedicated vacuum manure pumps, volumetric pressure gauges, pipe network systems, suction conduits, gravity valves, vacuum tanks, communicating vessels (septic window), fully automatic spill-resistance valves.

    LM-XC-2500 mounted on fecal suction truck

    Parameters of the Longma brand snow plow(LM-XC-2500 ):

    Product Size(mm):2500x1200x900
    Effective working width (mm) :2000-2500
    Snow shovel total weight (kg): 360KG
    Snowboard right and left corner (°): ≥±30°
    Left and right steering cylinder stroke: 160mm
    Lifting cylinder stroke: 180mm
    Maximum clearance from the ground (mm): 300-400
    Obstacle avoidance height (mm): 130
    Snow removal thickness (mm): ≤200
    Snow removal efficiency: ≥90%
    Hydraulic System: RMH-6254-2E-2-040-H-2S DC Hydraulic System Unit
    Operating voltage (opzionale): 12V/24V
    Blade (thickness x width): 12×120 (high wear resistant steel)
    Shovel: high strength, high toughness, high quality carbon steel
    Working speed (km / h): 15-30

    full view of dognfeng fecal suction truck

    Fecal suction truck is the usual seen sanitation truck used in nowadays sanitation garbage & waste treatment areas. We are the supplier & manufacturer of fecal suction trucks, we can supply you all brands Chinese brand vacuum suction truck like Dongfeng Fecal suction truck, Foton Fecal suction truck, How Fecal suction truck, Jac Fecal suction truck, Isuzu Fecal suction truck, JMC Fecal suction truck, Faw Fecal suction truck, …

    As more other details like the picture or related parameters of thisDongfeng Fecal suction truck , pls contatto us directly:mail: sales@cl-spv.com or wechat/whatsapp: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com



    Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5070GXEE3
    Main technical data of a manure vehicle
    Product Name:Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5070GXEE3 Type dung truckOuter size (mm):6850, 6650, 6350× 2150× 2600
    Chassis model:EQ1070Cargo box size (mm):× ×
    Total quality (kg):7495Proximity / departure angle (°)28/27, 28/24
    Rated quality (kg):3490, 3555Front suspension / rear suspension (mm):1070/1815, 1070/2090, 1180/1705, 1180/1980
    Quality of preparation (kg):3810Velocità massima (km / h):90, 80
    Axle load:2940/4555
    Chassis parameters
    Chassis model:EQ1070Chassis batch:295
    Axis number:2Fuel type:diesel oil
    interasse (mm):3300, 3600, 3800Front wheelbase (mm):1750, 1765, 1765
    Rated passenger:3490, 3555Posterior wheelbase (mm):1586, 1750, 1650
    Number of tires:6Number of springs:8/10+8, 9/10+8, 6/6+5, 8/9+5
    Emission standards:gb17691 - 2005 Euro Ⅴ, gb3847 - 2005
    Tire specifications:7.50-16 14PR, 7.50R16 14PR
    Engine parameters
    Modello del motoreEngine production enterpriseDislocamento (ML)Energia (kW)
    Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Limited by Share Ltd2982
    Other information
    Special function description:
    1, the effective volume of the tank is 4.57 metri cubi, transportation medium: liquid dirt, the density is 800 kilograms per cubic meter, the corresponding relation between the axis distance (mm) / tank shape (long * long axis * short axis) (mm) / total volume (cubic) / vehicle length (mm) is: 3800/4000 * 1600 * 1070/ 5.36/6880, 3600/3800 * 1640 * 1100/5.35/6650, 3300/3500 * 1700 * 1150/5.35/63 50; 2, side protection and rear lower protection device all use Q235A material, all use welding connection, rear section protection section size (mm): 120 * 50, rear protection to ground height (mm): 450; 3, ABS model is: 3631010-C2000, the manufacturer is: East Kolor commercial vehicle brake system (Shiyan) Limited company; 4, word injection position, car The color and detail of the vehicle can be changed; 5, the cab is fitted with the chassis; 6.
    LM-XC-2500 mounted on fecal suction truck
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