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dongfeng Bulk Cement Transport Truck
  • dongfeng Bulk Cement Truck
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  • Cement Transportation Truck Suppliers
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  • Dongfeng 16000 liters bulk cement truck

    1. Modello:CLW5160GFLD3

    2. PTT: 18000kg


    4. CARRO ARMATO: 16000 LITRI

    5. TAGLIA: 8500X2500X3550MM

    6. USGAE: Bulk cement/ ash/ powder/ seed/ wheat...transportation

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    dongfeng Bulk Cement Transport Truck

    Dongfeng 16000 liters bulk cement truck, also called Bulk Cement Transport Truck, Bulk Truck Polvere, Cement Transportation Truck, Dongfeng Dry Bulk Cement Truck, pneumatic discharging bulk cement truck

    dongfeng Bulk Cement Truck

    Dongfeng white cab, cummins 190 motore diesel cavalli di potenza, 4700mm interasse, 8 trasmissione, 10.00r20, fuhu 7.0 compressore d'aria, 16000 liters tanker capacity.

    Dongfeng Bulk Cement Powder Truck

    Basic structure
    Bulk cement truck tanks are mainly composed of barrel body, tank upper feed inlet, fluidized bed, discharge pipe assembly, intake pipe and other accessories.

    Cement Transportation Truck Suppliers

    Bulk cement trucks, also known as powder material transport vehicles, consist of special vehicle chassis, bulk cement tanks, gas pipeline systems, and automatic unloading devices. It is suitable for bulk transportation of fly ash, cemento, calce in polvere, minerale in polvere, granule base and other dry materials with particle diameter no larger than 0.1mm. Mainly used for cement plants, magazzini di cemento e grandi cantieri, it can save a lot of packaging materials and loading and unloading labor.

    Dongfeng Dry Cement Tanker

    Here in our factory, we can supply you the brand below: Dongfeng bulk cement truck, Howo bulk cement truck, Jac bulk cement truck, Shacman bulk cement truck, Isuzu bulk cement truck, Foton bulk cement truck, Faw bulk cement truck,…

    For more about the truch chassis or the detailed super structure of this Dongfeng bulk cement truck, vi preghiamo di contattarci via mail: sales@cl-spv.com o wechat / whatsapp: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com


    Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5160GFLD3
    Main technical data of low-density powder material transporter
    nome del prodotto: Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5160GFLD3 Type low density powder material transport vehicle dimensioni esterne (mm): 8500× 2490 × 3550
    modello di telaio: DFL1180 Cargo formato della scatola (mm): × ×
    qualità totale (kg): 18000 Prossimità / angolo di uscita (°) 20/18
    qualità nominale (kg): 11120 Sospensioni anteriori / sospensione posteriore (mm): 1430/1860, 1430/2160, 1430/2360
    Qualità della preparazione (kg): 6485 Velocità massima (km / h): 80, 98
    carico per asse:
    parametri del telaio
    modello di telaio: DFL1180 Telaio in batch: 304
    numero di Axis: 2 Tipo di carburante: diesel
    interasse (mm): 3800, 4200, 4500, 4700, 5000 passo fronte (mm): 1880, 1900, 1920
    passeggero nominale: 7120 posteriore interasse (mm): 1800, 1860, 1820
    Numero di pneumatici: 6 Numero delle molle: 7/9+6, 8/10+8, 10/11+10
    norme sulle emissioni: gb3847 - 2005, gb17691 - 2005 Euro ⅴ
    le specifiche dei pneumatici: 9.00R20 16PR, 10.00-20 16PR, 10.00-20 18PR, 10.00R20 14PR, 10.00R20 16PR, 10.00R20 18PR, 10R22.5 16PR, 275/80R22.5, 275/70R22.5 16PR, 275/70R22.5 18P
    i parametri del motore
    Modello del motore impresa di produzione del motore Dislocamento (ML) Energia (kW)
    ISD210 50
    ISD190 50
    ISD180 50
    ISB180 50
    ISD270 50
    ISB210 50
    ISB190 50
    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co.,
    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
    Dongfeng Veicoli Commerciali Co., Ltd.
    Dongfeng Veicoli Commerciali Co.,
    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
    Dongfeng Cummins Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
    Altre informazioni
    Descrizione Funzione speciale:
    1. The vehicle is a non hazardous material transport car. Il volume effettivo del serbatoio è 17.38 metri cubi; the size of the tank body (lungo * diametro) (mm): 5700 * 2180 (lunghezza della linea retta 5000). The size of the maximum section of the special-shaped tank is closed not to be slotted at the top of 2180mm., and the rear part can not open the.2 and protective material: Q235, the side side protection adopts welding connection, the rear lower part Protection with bolt connection, dimensione sezione protezione sezione posteriore (mm): 120 * 40, rear protection off ground height (mm): 490mm.3, cab with chassis. Oil consumption corresponding relationship (L / 100 km): 27.4 (ISD190 50), 27.3 (ISD210 50), 27.6 (ISD180 50), 27.8 (ISB180 50). 4, installation with satellite positioning function recorder, ABS model: 3631010 -C2000, 4460046440; manufacturers: the East Kolo commercial vehicle braking system (Shiyan) Co., Ltd.,.5, vehicle control system (Cina) Co., Ltd., vehicle color optional, text spraying position can be changed.6, only chassis 4700, 4500mm interasse, the whole car length / interasse / sospensioni anteriori / sospensione posteriore (mm) corresponding relationship is: 8500//4700/14 30/2370; 8500//4500/1430/2570. only chassis tire type (9.00R20 16PR, 10R22.5 16PR, 10.00R20 16PR).

    dongfeng Bulk Cement Truck

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