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  • Isuzu KV600 4000L 130hp Street Sweeper

    Overall dimensions:6240*2000*2440mm


    Mass in working order:5260kg

    Chassis brand:ISUZU KV600

    • Specifications


    The Street Sweeper Isuzu is a highly reliable and efficient street cleaning vehicle designed specifically for the demanding urban environments. With its innovative features, cutting-edge technology  and customizable options, this street sweeper is a top choice for municipalities, cleaning contractors, and commercial establishments seeking effective and comprehensive cleaning solutions.

    – Municipalities: Local governments can utilize this sweeper to keep their city streets and public areas clean and well-maintained.

    – Cleaning Contractors: Cleaning companies can offer efficient and professional street cleaning services using this street sweeper, meeting the needs of diverse clients.

    – Commercial Establishments: Shopping centers, industrial complexes, and business districts can benefit from this sweeper to maintain cleanliness and presentable premises.

    Street Sweeper Isuzu



    – Efficient Cleaning Mechanism: Equipped with high-performance brushes and a powerful suction system, this street sweeper effectively removes dirt, dust, debris, leaves, and litter from the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots.

    – Water Spraying System: The sweeper is equipped with a water spraying system that minimizes dust during sweeping operations, ensuring cleaner and healthier surroundings.

    – Ergonomic Design: The cabin is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and convenient working environment for the operator. The controls are user-friendly, enabling smooth and efficient operation.

    – Advanced Technology: The street sweeper is equipped with advanced technology, including GPS tracking, remote monitoring, and automatic scheduling, facilitating efficient route planning and optimizing cleaning operations.

    Street Sweeper Isuzu


    – Effective Cleaning: The high-performance sweeping mechanism and powerful suction ensure thorough cleaning, providing a cleaner and more pleasant environment in urban areas.

    – Cost Savings: With its efficient cleaning capabilities and advanced technology, this street sweeper reduces the need for manual labor and minimizes operational costs, leading to significant cost savings over time.

    – Customization Options: The sweeper offers upper body customization options, allowing customers to tailor the vehicle to their specific needs and requirements.

    – Durable and Reliable: The street sweeper is built with durable materials and components, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.Street Sweeper Isuzu


    Main specifications

    Vehicle Description
    Overall dimensions 6240*2000*2440mm
    GVW 7300kg
    Mass in working order 5260kg
    Chassis brand ISUZU KV600


    Up-parts Description
    Tanker capacity Water tanker 2cbm
    Garbage tanker 4cbm
    Standard configuration
    1. Equipped with auxiliary engine, sub-frame and fan.
    2. Equipped with water tanker, garbage tanker.
    3. Equipped with 4 sweeping brushes on each side and suction nozzle on the rear.
    4. Equipped with dust suppression system.
    5. Equipped with hydraulic system.
    6. Equipped with electrical system.
    Optional configuration Snow shovel, foggy gun, front spray, rear sprinkler


    Chassis Description
    Chassis model ISUZU KV600
    Cab NEW KV series,single row, with A/C
    Wheelbase 3360mm
    Tire specification 7.00-15
    Tire quantity 6+1 units
    Engine Engine model 4KH1
    Emission level Euro 5
    Displacement/output 3000ml/96kw
    Horse power 130hp
    Gear box Model ISUZU MSB
    Number of gears 5 forward gears& 1 reverse
    Brake system Full air brake
    Axle Front 4T
    Rear 5T
    Suspension Front Leaf springs
    Rear Leaf springs
    Fuel tanker Type Carbon steel tanker
    Capacity 140L

    After-sales Service: We provide comprehensive after-sales service:

    – Maintenance and Repairs: Our team of skilled technicians offers maintenance and repair services to ensure the optimal performance of the street sweeper.

    – Genuine Spare Parts: We provide genuine Isuzu spare parts compatible with the Turkey Street Sweeper Isuzu, ensuring quality and durability.

    – Technical Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to address any inquiries or concerns, providing technical assistance and guidance.

    FAQ: We have prepared a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, covering topics such as vehicle specifications, maintenance guidelines, warranty coverage, and operational considerations.

    Upper Body Customization: The Turkey Street Sweeper Isuzu offers upper body customization options, allowing customers to add specific features or functionalities based on their unique requirements.

    Truck Chassis Choice: Customers have the flexibility to choose the desired truck chassis for the street sweeper, ensuring compatibility and performance according to their preferences.

    Street Sweeper Isuzu

    Street Sweeper Isuzu

    Street Sweeper Isuzu


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