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  • Isuzu FVR Road / tunnel / wall cleaning vehicle

    1. Model: CLW5161QMQX4

    2. GVW: 16000 kg

    3. Engine: 205 HP

    4. Tank: 6000 liters

    5. Size: 8500x2500x3800mm

    6. Isuzu FVR Road / tunnel / wall cleaning vehicle

    • Specifications

    noise screen cleaning vehicle

    Isuzu FVR Road / tunnel / wall cleaning vehicle, this is a high efficiency wall surface cleaning vehicle, mainly including the tunnel inner wall surface, glass wall surface, outside of brick building, city guardrail washing & cleaning, noise screen cleaning vehicle…

    Road tunnel wall cleaning vehicle

    As shown in above picture, a typical wall cleaner truck includes a chassis,hydraulic System, Electrical System , Airway System , Subframe, and Rotation Platform, Boom system , water supply system, water tank, guardrail and rear protection. ,andThe device , the low-pressure water system , the control room, and the like are scrubbed.

    glass wall cleaning vehicle

    Features of Isuzu FVR Road / tunnel / wall cleaning vehicle

    1. The cab intelligently controls each cleaning device. The operation procedure is simple and full of humanity. The cab is equipped with an electric control cabinet that integrates each control function system. The control personnel can complete the operation simply by pressing a button or turning a switch. It is simple and convenient and does not affect driving.

    2, widely used in tunnel cleaning, sign cleaning, curtain wall cleaning, glass wall cleaning, photovoltaic panel cleaning, bridge glass path, and other scenes cleaning functions.

    3, with automatic obstacle avoidance function, automatic detection and maintenance of clean wall (or obstacles) and the relative position of the cleaning brush, to avoid the brush and the wall (or obstacles) collision, to prevent the cleaning brush damage (optional).

    Isuzu wall cleaning vehicle

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