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  • Isuzu Emergency mobile rescue truck

    1.  Brand: ISUZU

    2. Drive: 4x2 / 4x4 / 6x4 LHD/RHD

    3. Power: 100HP-500HP

    4. Customize Service: YES

    5. Isuzu Emergency mobile rescue truck

    • Specifications

    Isuzu Emergency mobile rescue truck

    Main introduction of Emergency mobile rescue truck

    Engineering rescue vehicles are equipped with maintenance personnel, loader tools and construction materials as a whole, with car engines as power sources, directly driving generators and air compressors, or independent generator sets to provide enough for the rescue site Gas source and power supply. Or emergency rescue in an emergency environment, the rescued objects include personnel, vehicles, mechanical equipment, etc.

    rear view of Isuzu Emergency mobile rescue truck

    Main Application of Emergency mobile rescue truck

    Emergency rescue vehicles are widely used in the detection and repair of petroleum, chemical, natural gas, water supply and power supply pipelines; special vehicles for the repair of high-voltage transmission and transformation lines, highways, mines and other equipment failures.

    full outview of Isuzu Emergency mobile rescue truck

    In order to emphasize the timeliness and safety guarantee of rescue, we choose the high-end quality Isuzu chassis.

    xcmg crane on Emergency mobile rescue truck

    Emergency rescue vehicles, we can choose to assemble different rescue equipment for different rescue environments. In general, it includes vehicle rescue, engineering inspection and rescue, high-voltage transmission and distribution line repair, mining equipment rescue, highway traffic accident rescue, etc.

    Rear view of Emergency mobile rescue truck

    For example, vehicle emergency rescue, we are equipped with rapid tire replacement equipment, air pump, small crane, spare tire, generator, etc.

    YAMAHA 10 kw generaor for Emergency mobile rescue truck

    Famous brand YAMAHA 10 kw generator for the electric power supply.

    Air compressor in Emergency mobile rescue truck

    power cable in Emergency mobile rescue truck

    Another the engineering emergency rescue vehicle is a kind of lighting equipment, crane, etc. which integrates a generator set, lamps and light poles. With temporary emergency power supply, lighting, lifting, drainage and other functions, it is widely used in emergency situations such as flood control rescue, engineering rescue, and on-site lighting.

    Big diesel generator in Emergency mobile rescue truck

    The compartment is made of aluminium profile skeleton and aluminium skin structure. The compartment is equipped with generator set, air compressor, welding machine, light source, gas source and power equipment, winch equipment, top walkway and other necessary tools for emergency repair. Side protection and rear protection device are made up of Q235A skirt structure, which is part of the car body and the rear protection is off the ground. Height: 530mm, when the skirt is not selected, the side and rear of the vehicle shall be equipped with protective fence made of Q235; the side protective fence shall be bolted to the carriage framework; the rear protective fence shall be bolted to the chassis girder, and the rear protective device shall be of section size (mm): 120 *50, 390mm above the ground; and the new front lamps, new grilles, new front panels, new front panels and chassis shall be installed with the chassis. Widened front bumper; equipped with ABS.

    Rear view of Emergency mobile rescue truck

    The same time, we can make the customized design for your special required equipment. like the bigger power supply, we can equip big generaor to 1000KW in it. So just contact me for your requirement.

    Whosales of Emergency mobile rescue truck

    More in stock Isuzu Emergency mobile rescue truck, also others brands like Dongfeng, Howo, Faw …


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