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  • Isuzu 700P dump truck

    1. Brand: Isuzu 700P

    2. Engine: 4KH1-TC51 / 190hp

    3. Drive: 4x2/LHD

    4. Box: 4500x2200x600mm

    5. Loading: 5000-8000 kgs

    Isuzu 700P dump truck

    • Specifications
    • Detailed Parameters

    Isuzu ELF 700p 5 tons dump truck

    Isuzu ELF 700p 5-8 tons dump truck, this is the old model of Isuzu 700p dump truck made by China Isuzu factory.

    Isuzu 700P dump truck

    Isuzu 700P dump truck, Isuzu 700P tipper truck, Isuzu ELF dump truck, Isuzu light duty dump truck factory and Isuzu trucks for sale

    Isuzu 700P dump truck

    Isuzu 700P dump truckIsuzu 700P dump truck

    We are the biggest special vehicles factory, we make many models of dump trucks including all Isuzu series like Isuzu 100P dump truck, Isuzu 600P dump truck, Isuzu 700P dump truck, Isuzu FTR dump truck, Isuzu FVR dump truck, Isuzu GIGA dump truck, Isuzu VC46/41 dump truck, …

    More details of this Isuzu 700p dump truck you can visit following video:

    Isuzu 700P dump truck Truck Body
       Chassis   ISUZU (700P)     Dumper  Category   General purpose
       Drive   4 × 2  Material   Q345
       Cabin   2 Passengers  Shape   Rectangular bucket
       Tyre   235/75R17.5  Thickness   3/4 mm (Side/Bottom)
       Brake   Compressed-air brake  Dimension   3500*2100*600 mm
       Speed   105 km/h    Hydraulic
     Form   Central lifting
       Power   139 kw/190 hp  Cylinder   100
       Loading   8000 kg  Discharging   Rear-open
     Principle of Isuzu 700P dump truck 
    Consists of oil tank, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, control valve and oil pipe. The engine drives the hydraulic pump through a transmission and a power take-off device, so that high-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and the oil pipe.
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