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  • Isuzu 6000 liters dust suction truck

    1. Model: CLW5070DSV3

    2. GVW: 7500kg

    3. Engine: 130HP

    4. Wheelbase: 3360mm

    5. Tank: 1000 liters water tank, 5000 liters garbage tank.

    6. Isuzu 6000 liters dust suction truck

    • Specifications

    Isuzu dirty suction truck

    Isuzu 6000 liters dust suction truck, is a new designed suction truck which can suct ash, dust, garbage, little stones, sands, coal ash, leaves… It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises with dust, high concentration and large density which are easy to generate dust pollution; it is suitable for rapid cleaning and cleaning of urban elevated, express roads and bridges and tunnels; it is suitable for cleaning and cleaning of urban main roads, high-grade highways and highways. .

    Isuzu ash suction truck

    Main Parameters of Isuzu 6000 liters dust suction truck

    Vehicle model CLW5070DSV3
    Chassis model QL1070
    Engine model Qingling 130 horsepower
    Volume 1 water / dust
    Dimensions 6200×2000×2500
    Emission standard country V
    Wheelbase 3360
    Tire model 7.00-16, 7.00R16
    Tank: 1000 liters water tank, 5000 liters garbage tank.

    Isuzu 5000 liters dust suction truckThis new model can be used for floor cleaning, roadside cleaning, roadway cleaning and watering on the ground after cleaning. It is suitable for cleaning all kinds of climates and different dry roads, and is more suitable for squares and highways. Clean dust in residential areas, parking lots, terminals, airports, stations, cement plants, power plants, etc.

    Isuzu dust suction truck

    Features of the multi-function full suction sweeper:

    1. Full-suction dry cleaning, all of which are completed with airflow during operation, combined with blowing and suction, without secondary dust.
    2, no brush, no water, energy saving, dry suction, the car is over, the ground is clean.
    3, the cleaning effect is good, from dozens of micron dust to ordinary small stones, leaves and other debris can be effectively removed, cleaning efficiency is 98% or more, can be described as “sweeping ten times is better than sucking again.”
    4, the structure is simple, less wear parts, easy to use and maintain, easy to operate.
    5. Low maintenance costs.

    Isuzu dust suction system

    Beibo suction fan system, suction width 2.0m-2.8m, collection box volume 5cucumber, with auxiliary suction pipe (6-10m optional) and efficient spraying dust-reducing device during discharge, medium-sized vacuum disk from tens of microns of dust to ore powder Large particle spills, stones, bricks, and leaves can be effectively removed, and the diameter of the auxiliary pipette operation reaches 10 meters.

    consequent and result of Isuzu dust suction truck

    From above picture, you can see the effect after the road suction truck, very clean, completely satisfy the need of it.

    For more and about the chassis and details of Isuzu 6000 liters dust suction truck , pls contact us freely, 0086 18872992009 whatsapp & wechat.

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