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  • Isuzu 5m³water tank 5m³ dust tank cleaning sweeper truck


    Wheel base(mm):3815

    Overall dimention(mm):7050*2200*2700

    Gross vehicle weight(kg):8280

    tank capacity:5m³ water tank 5m³ dust tank

    Cleaning sweeper truck  is widely used in urban roads, highways, squares, airports, docks, tunnels, Bridges, separation walls and other pavement, roadside cleaning work.

    • Specifications

    Work video of Isuzu cleaning sweeper truck

    Application of Isuzu cleaning sweeper truck

    • Urban road cleaning: Isuzu sweeper truck can efficiently clean urban roads, including main roads, secondary roads, sidewalks, etc., remove dust, garbage and debris on the roads, and keep urban roads clean and beautiful.

    • Square and airport cleaning: Isuzu cleaning sweeper truck is suitable for the cleaning of  public places such as squares and airports. It can thoroughly clean the ground, remove oil, cigarette butts and other difficult to clean stains, and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of public places.

    • Pier and tunnel cleaning: In specific places such as piers and tunnels, Isuzu sweepers can perform excellent cleaning results. It can deeply clean the ground, remove oil, water, etc., to ensure that these places are clean and safe.

    • Spray and aspirating:Isuzu sweepers can effectively reduce the concentration of dust in the air and improve air quality. At the same time, it can also perform road flushing and suction operations as required to meet the various needs of different users.


    Key features

    • Adopt Isuzu chasiss,excellent performance, strong power

    • High efficiency cleaning capacity

    • Energy saving and environmental protection design

    • Stable and reliable performance

    • Intelligent operation experience

    • Flexible and diverse configuration

    • The economical cost is very competitive in the market


    Factory real export sweeper truck display

    CAN electronic control system, intelligent touch screen, easy to operate.

    The rear of the sweeper truck body is equipped with a monitoring probe to monitor the working situation in real time and display it on the display screen in the cab to ensure the maximum cleaning effect.

    ISUZU sweeper truck


    Advantages of choosing us

    1. We have solid technology, flawless inspection, advanced equipment, reliant qualityand flexible modes of operation.

    2. We have roundly passed the ISO9001-2008, 3C.

    3. Guaranteed high quality and competitive price.

    4. Have warranty service for one year and provide maintenance for a life.

    5. We always keep high efficiency and products are according to your requirements as the colour and the brand of the chasiss.

    6. We have been awarded the “Top 500 Enterprises of Chinese Manufacturing Industries ” on 27 May 2014,we can ensure the quality and production period of our vehicles.

    Isuzu 5m³water tank 5m³ dust tank cleaning sweeper truck

    Isuzu 5m³water tank 5m³ dust tank cleaning sweeper truck

    Isuzu 5m³water tank 5m³ dust tank cleaning sweeper truck

    Isuzu 5m³water tank 5m³ dust tank cleaning sweeper truck

    Isuzu 5m³water tank 5m³ dust tank cleaning sweeper truck

    Technical parameters

    Technical parameters of ISUZU cleaning sweeper truck


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