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  • ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck

    Engine Model: 4HK1-TC51

    Overall Dimension(mm):7355×2320×2750

    Tank Capacity:10000 Liters



    A compactor garbage truck, commonly known as a compactor truck, is a type of waste collection vehicle designed to compress trash to maximize space efficiency. These trucks feature a hydraulic press that compacts the waste, allowing for more garbage to be collected before needing to be emptied. This process not only reduces the frequency of trips to disposal sites but also helps in managing waste more effectively.

    • Specifications

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    Picture and  Truck Description

         A garbage truck, also known as a waste collection vehicle or refuse truck, is an essential part of urban sanitation systems. These specialized trucks are designed to efficiently collect and transport municipal solid waste to disposal or recycling facilities. Equipped with mechanisms to handle various types of waste containers, garbage trucks play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and public health in communities.

        This compression garbage truck built on an Isuzu 700P chassis known for its durability and reliability, this garbage truck is equipped with a compression system that maximizes garbage storage capacity, thereby increasing garbage collection efficiency. The wheelbase is 3815mm (millimeter), the horsepower is 190hp.

    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck

    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck

    Fancy sticker:

            Picture box on both sides we can see a very fine pattern, we are through the customer specifically customized, design pattern, sticker characteristics corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to harsh weather, shelf life of two years and above. We can customize a variety of patterns according to customer requirements, while making the entire truck looks beautiful and atmospheric! 

    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck


    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck

    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck

    Top configuration:

                    The net volume of the box is 10 square, Q355 high-strength manganese steel wear-resistant plate, box side 5 bottom 5 production, filler side plate 5mm bottom 8mm thick, skateboard, slide 8mm thick, maximize the box volume, push shovel cylinder tempering treatment, the use of 3-level production, so that the push shovel occupies the space to minimize the maximization of the box volume, the garbage loaded more! Upper electro-hydraulic configuration: Zhejiang Jiashan extractor, Hefei Anhui liquid 550 gear pumps, Yangzhou Zhongmei multi-way valve, balance valve, compression valve, interceptor valve, Juxin hydraulic cylinder (all cylinders after tempering treatment, with buffer), Guangzhou Tianhe high-pressure tubing (3 layers of steel wire).   

                    The world through the steel pipe (2.2mm thick) 18 # coarsening, hydraulic tank with 3 times over the consideration of the mesh, all the cylinder pins quenched to increase the hardness is not easy to bend and break. Hardness is not easy to bend and fracture, CAN survey bus intelligent screen one-key operating system with wireless remote control, the system program can be set up according to the user’s needs for use of the conditions of the intelligent screen on their own, you can set up their own automatic operation switching time, the size of the throttle control, with automatic fault detection, alarm prompts, and other standard features.

    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck

    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck

    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck

    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck

    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck


    ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck

    Advantages of compression garbage truck

    Increased Capacity:

    The compaction mechanism allows the truck to hold more waste by compressing it, which reduces the number of trips needed to transport waste to disposal sites.
    Efficiency: By maximizing the amount of waste that can be collected in a single trip, compactor garbage trucks save time and fuel, leading to lower operational costs.
    Improved Hygiene: The compaction process helps to contain waste more effectively, reducing the risk of spillage and minimizing exposure to waste, which enhances sanitation and public health.

    Environmental Benefits:

    Fewer trips to disposal sites mean reduced emissions from the truck, contributing to lower environmental pollution.
    Cost-Effective: The reduced need for frequent trips and the ability to handle larger volumes of waste help in cutting down transportation and labor costs.

    Space Efficiency:

    By compacting waste, these trucks help manage the limited space available in urban environments more effectively, ensuring that waste collection points remain clear and unobstructed.


    Compactor garbage trucks can handle a wide range of waste types, making them suitable for various waste management needs in different settings, from residential to commercial areas.

    Reduced Odors:

    The compaction process and sealed design help in containing unpleasant odors, improving the overall environment in the areas where the waste is collected.

    Detailed parameters

    Vehicle Name ISUZU 4×2 10000 Liters Compactor Truck
         Engine &
    Engine Model 4HK1-TC51
    Engine Brand Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., LTD
    Fuel type Diesel
    Displacement (ml) / Power 5193ML/ 141kw (190HP)
    Emission Standard Euro V
    Max torque 510N.m
    No of transmission gears 6 Forward, 1 Reverse
            Chassis Chassis Type QL1100A8KAY
    Drive Type 4×2
    No. of Axles 2
    Cab seats 3
    Max Speed(km/h) 110
    Tire 8.25R20
    Tire No.’s 6+1
    Brake type air brake
    Air condition Yes
     Basic information Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 8280
    Curb Weight(kg) 5950
    Rated load(kg) 2135
    Wheelbase(mm) 3815
    Overall Dimension(mm) 7355×2320×2750
    (length ×width×height )
      Box parameter Tank Capacity 10cbm
    Color lighter green and combined with white
    Tank material carbon steel
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