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  • Isuzu 4cbm water tank 5cbm garbage tank road sweeper

    1. Nodel: CLW5070TXSQ3

    2. GVW: 7500KG

    3. Engine: 130 HP

    4. Tank: 4000 liters water + 5000 liters garbage

    5. Size: 7500x2100x2500mm

    6. Isuzu 4cbm water tank 5cbm garbage tank road sweeper

    • Specifications

    Isuzu 5cbm garbage tank road sweeper

    Isuzu 4cbm water tank 5cbm garbage tank road sweeper, is the advanced & multifunctional road sweepers in the market. Intergrated the function of road water flushing, road cleaning, road surface dust brush and collect, dust suppress, … we are the supplier & manufacturer of isuzu road sweepers (vehicle).

    Isuzu 4cbm water tank road sweeper

    Isuzu sweeping vehicle configuration:

    120 hp Isuzu engine, 5-speed gearbox, air-conditioning, with direction assistance, 2.5 ton front axle, rear axle 4.8 tons, wheelbase 3.36 meters, 650 tires, with USB interface, oil brake with vacuum booster pump, cab does not flip . The auxiliary engine is the Jiangxi Isuzu 84 hp engine. The length of the vehicle is 6.2 meters, the cleaning width is 3.5 meters, the high pressure washing height is ≥ 21 meters, the water tank volume is 4 tons, the garbage bin volume is 5 tons, and the maximum cleaning capacity is 70,000 square meters per hour.

    Isuzu dry and wet road sweeper

    Isuzu Road Sweeper Standard configuration:

    1. Cummins 140 horsepower auxiliary engine.
    2. Sanyo Motor.
    3. Taiwan hydraulic solenoid valve unit.
    4. Hangzhou Weilong low pressure water pump, wide hedge.
    5. Germany Shi Desheng door control switch, Germany imported high pressure pump
    6. Stainless steel garbage bin, water tank, garbage bin self-cleaning device.
    7. The cabinet is lifted and lowered, and the reverse automatic protection device and the rear door switch safety protection sensing device are installed.

    Isuzu 4cbm water 5cbm garbage road sweeper
    8. Integrated control, one-button start, multi-function voice prompt alarm
    9. Oil, garbage bin and water tank are equipped with anti-overflow or low-level alarm device
    10. Low pressure waterway pneumatic ball valve control
    11. Dual camera – reversing and washing status in the cab.
    12. 18 m high pressure rinse reel. The cleaning width is 3.5 m; the cleaning pressure is 10 MPa; and the suction particle size is φ110 mm.

    Isuzu water flush and dust collect road sweeper

    Isuzu Sweeping truck features:

    1. The operation device arrangement method of “medium two vertical sweep + medium wide nozzle (built-in high pressure water spray bar) + middle high pressure side spray bar” is adopted. The ground clearance is small, the water flow impact is large, and the sewage can be directly sent to the suction port, the operation splash is small, and the sewage suction rate is high. According to the road surface pollution situation, the washing angle of the long discharge nozzle to the road surface can be adjusted to make the cleaning effect better.
    2. The PLC one-button computer automatic control program is adopted. After the operation mode is selected, the startup and shutdown of each operating mechanism are automatically controlled by the program. The operation mode includes a full cleaning operation, a left cleaning operation, a right cleaning operation, a full sweep operation, a left sweep operation, and a right sweep operation mode.
    3. With a variety of safety alarm devices: clear water tank low water level alarm device; anti-overflow alarm device; auxiliary engine water temperature, oil pressure prompt; installed hydraulic oil leakage, dump tank tipping reset, rear door opening and closing safety alarm device. The vehicle has a reverse protection device that automatically retracts the work device when reversing.
    4. The auxiliary engine is equipped with a clutch for the vehicle. The separation and engagement of the clutch are automatically controlled by the electronic control system. No manual operation is required, and the damage of the fan, the high-pressure water pump and the engine is effectively avoided.

    Isuzu multifunctional road sweeper
    5. Chengli sweeping vehicle adopts German imported high-pressure water pump. When the pump starts and the working water valve switches, the pump can automatically unload. The triple protection of the air circulation, safety valve and relief valve effectively prevents damage to the high pressure water pump.
    6. The high-pressure spray cleaning device can automatically clean the sewage tank after dumping the garbage, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator. The rear of the car is equipped with a mechanical automatic winding rinse reel with high-pressure hose for cleaning the body and other equipment and facilities.
    7. Set high-definition surveillance probes on the right side of the right and the rear of the garbage can, and set the high-definition liquid crystal display in the cab. The screen can be switched to the right position of the disc and the rear position of the trash can. And the quality of the vehicle operation is monitored.

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