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  • Isuzu 100P dump truck

    1. Brand: Isuzu 100P

    2. Engine: 4KH1CN5LS/ 98HP

    3. Drive: LHD/4x2

    4. Cab: 2 dools / 4 doors

    4. Box Size: 3800x2000x500mm

    5. Loading: 3-5 tons

    6. Isuzu 100P dump truck

    • Specifications
    • Detailed Parameters

    Isuzu 100P dump truck

    Isuzu 100P dump truck, Isuzu 100P tipper truck, Isuzu light duty dump truck, Isuzu small dump truck, Isuzu 3 tons dump truck

    China Isuzu 5 tons dump truck

    Also we have this above model for your choice, which have a better and heavy loading up to 5 tons in good road conditions.

    Isuzu 100P dump truck

    This is a 4 doors Isuzu 100p cab, you can choose the general 2 doors.

    Isuzu 100P dump truckIsuzu 100P dump truck

    Main Parameter Chassis brand ISUZU
    Driving type 4X2
    Cab ISUZU, A/C, Double row, four doors,6 seats, Left hand drive
    GVW / Curb Weight 6500kg/ 2500kg  /  2400kg
    Overall dimension 5995x1950x2790mm / 4600x1950x2790mm
    Box dimension 4100x1740x1750mm / 2600x1740x1750mm
    Engine Brand ISUZU 4 Stoke Water Cooling Direct Injection
    Power 98hp
    Displacement 2771ml
    Fuel Type Diesel
    Tire Number of Tires 6+1
    Tire Size 7.00R16
    Gear box Type Isuzu MSB 5-speed
    Gear Link Lug type
    Axle Number of Axles 2
    Wheelbase 3360/ 2490mm
    Front/ Rear axle 2.0T/ 4.6T
    Truck Body - Isuzu 100P dump truck
    Make CLW
    Size 3800x2000x500mm
    Loading 500 kgs
    Material Carbon steel, side 3mm, bottom 4mm
    Lifting Double cylinders centrol lifting
    Unloading Rear door
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