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  • Howo heavy 20-25 ton tow/ rescue/ recovery truck

    1. Brand: Howo

    2. Engine: WD615.47/ 371 horse power

    3. Driving: 8x4/ left hand drive

    4. Loading: 25 tons

    5. Howo heavy 20-25 ton tow/ rescue/ recovery truck

    • Specifications

    Howo 12 wheels 25 ton tow truck

    What is heavy duty tow truck?

    Tow truck is also called towing truck, wrecker truck, rescue truck, recovery truck, … heavy duty tow truck means for heavy and large truck recovery vehicles like dump truck, mixer truck, aerial truck, … large machines, buses…

    So here above heavy duty tow truck we can also call it Howo 20-25 tons tow truck, Howo 20-25 tons rescue truck, Howo 20-25 tons recovery truck, Howo 8×4  tow truck, Howo 12 wheels tow truck, …

    Howo 12 wheels 25 ton tow truck

    Main parameters of Howo 8×4 12 wheels tow truck

    HOWO 8X4 20-25 ton tow truck
    Chassis model ZZ1317N4667W
    Overall dimensions (L×W×H) mm 11000×2500×3270
    Payload(kg)  25 ton
    Curb weight(kg) 25 ton
    Chassis specification Wheel base(mm) 1800+4600+1350
    F/R suspension (mm) 1500/1710
    F/R track base(mm) 2022/1830
    Traction system 8*4
    Tire specification 12.00R20 / 295/80R22.5
    Tire no. 12
    Number of axle 2
    Electric system 24V
    Operation control system Steering wheel
    Allowable passengers in cab 3
    Max speed(km/h) 90
    Engine Engine Model WD615.47
    Displacement(ml) 9726
    Horsepower/power(ps/kw) 371/276
    Lifting weight(kg) 5000-25000
    Rear protraction(mm) 1650

    Howo 25 ton tow truck

    Main usage of Howo 8×4 12 wheels 20-25 ton tow truck

    Mainly used for highway and other road accidents or breakdown heavy and large vehicles rescue cleanup, clearance, lifting, traction and other rescue work, to ensure the smooth flow of the road and the purpose of pulling the faulty vehicle away from the scene, at present China has 20 ton,  30 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons of medium and heavy wrecker vehicles.
    Howo 25 ton tow truck

    Main parts of Howo 8×4 12 wheels 20-25 ton tow truck

    The heavy-duty wrecker truck is composed of heavy-duty vehicle chassis, (360-degree rotating crane system, ) rear lifting traction system, hydraulic component system, winch, electronic control system, wrecker body, vehicle tools, etc.

    Sinotruk Howo 8x4 heavy tow truck to Nigeria

    Main functions of Howo 8×4 12 wheels 20-25 ton tow truck

    1. Lifting function: The lifting function is the proper function of a heavy wrecker, that is, the use of the arm telescopic, lifting, load folding and other actions to lift the damaged vehicle from the front or rear, and then drag the whole vehicle away from the scene. The bracket of the wrecker has a variety of structural forms, which can generally support the axles, wheels, leaf springs, frames, etc. of the accident vehicle, and is easy to assemble and disassemble.

    2. Crane function: The lifting type is a heavy wrecker must have equipment, generally equipped with a variable width boom, in order to lift the damaged vehicle from one end (or side) or the whole vehicle, straightened, easy to lift. Heavy-duty wreckers can also use the telescopic and luffing of the boom to pull or lift the accident vehicle from the roadbed and near the roadbed to the road surface for straightening.

    3. Towing function: The heavy wrecker is equipped with 2 winches, which cooperate with the main boom and the anchor foot (fixed pulley) fixed on site to complete the straightening of various forms of tipping vehicles and pulling and turning over vehicles in deep trenches.

    4. Traction function: The heavy wrecker can tow away the damaged vehicle held up at one end. In addition, the accident vehicle can be towbar for vehicles with undamaged axles.

    5. Display and lighting function: The heavy wrecker is equipped with a large indicator light alarm, so that it has obvious signs when the wrecker is cleared; The wrecker also has a rescue auxiliary lighting function for use during night operations.

    Sinotruk Howo 8x4 heavy tow truck to Nigeria

    Other brands/ models of Heavy duty tow truck:

    Dongfeng 20-25 ton tow truck, Foton 20-25 ton tow truck, Shacman 20-25 ton tow truck, Beiben 20-25 ton tow truck, Isuzu 20-25 ton tow truck, Sinotruk Howo 20-25 ton tow truck, Sany 20-25 ton tow truck, …

    We are the largest wrecker / tow truck manufacturer in China, we are cooperating with all truck chassis company in China, so we can make tow/ wrecker truck body on any brands truck chassis.

    So we make the factory directly sales of heavy tow trucks, we can give you the best price, best quality truck products.

    Contact us now if you are searching such products. Also enjoy the success case of this batch of tow trucks to Nigeria – Africa country.

    Sinotruk Howo 8×4 heavy tow truck to Nigeria

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