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  • HOWO 4×4 truck with XCMG 3.2ton crane


    2、Engine: WEICHAI 170 hp

    3、Driving Form:4×4  LHD/RHD

    4、Crane brand:XCMG

    5、Crane load:3.2 tons

    Truck crane can also be called:Truck-mounted crane、Mobile crane、Lorry-mounted crane、Telescopic crane、Boom truck、Hydraulic crane and so on.

    • Specifications

    HOWO 4×4 crane truck

    HOWO 4WD truck-mounted crane is mainly used in the desert, Gobi Beach, saline and alkaline land, mud road, mountain road, no man’s land, mining area and other poor road conditions, used to lift and transport the goods to the place where ordinary vehicles can not reach.So what advantages does it have over a regular truck crane?

    HOWO 4×4 crane truck

    1. Since an all-wheeled vehicle can utilize the entire weight of the vehicle as traction pressure, the traction force is significantly increased, i.e., the traction limit is extended.

    2、The power of the engine can be transmitted to each wheel separately, which reduces the driving force burden of each driving wheel, and thus can ensure that in the case of not exceeding the friction limit of the tires (no wheel skidding), enough power will be transmitted to the road surface, so that the truck-mounted crane has a strong cross-country capability.

    3、The tires are made of abrasion-resistant material, and the abrasion is uniform, which can effectively extend the service life of the tires.

    HOWO 4×4 crane truck

    In the use of truck cranes, some common faults and solutions for you

    Serial No. malfunctions Causes of malfunction cure
    1 Telescopic cylinder vibration and telescopic boom crawling Air in the hydraulic system, aging seals in the telescopic cylinder Remove air from system, replace cylinder seals, add lubricant
    2 Still too slow to work with no load The suction pipe is squeezed or air is sucked in through the suction pipe. Change suction pipe or tighten suction pipe fitting
    3 Telescopic arm does not retract in sequence Lack of lubrication, bad slider, faulty adjustment of the telescopic arm valve. Add lubricant, change slider, adjust telescopic arm valve.
    4 Crane cannot lift rated weight Underpowered hydraulic pumps or damaged seals, incorrectly set relief valves Replace hydraulic oil pump or seal, adjust relief valve pressure
    5 Automatic drop after lifting a weight Damage to the piston seal of the luffing cylinder, clogging of the throttle port of the counterbalance valve and fatigue damage of the reset spring. Replacement of cylinder seals or cleaning of counterbalance valves and replacement of springs
    6 Joints or slewing squeaks Lack of lubrication Add lubricant
    7 Outrigger cylinders can’t support Bad bi-directional hydraulic lock, damaged piston seal of outrigger cylinder Clean, replace valve locks, replace seals
    8 Cylinder oil leakage, external leakage Internal leakage Damaged seals Replace all seals
    9 Failure of the winch brake. Weakness of the mechanism. Friction plate damage, motor damage, low system pressure Replace friction plates, motor Adjust pressure


    HOWO 4×4 crane truck


    HOWO 4×4 crane truck

    HOWO 4×4 crane truck


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