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  • HOWO 4×2 12,000L-Capacity Sewage Sunction Truck

    Brand: Sinotruk Howo

    Wheel base (mm): 4200

    Overall dimention (mm): 7750×2510×3600

    Gross vehicle weight (kg): 18000

    Tank Capacity: 12cbm

    Sewage Suction Truck, also called Sewage Cleaner Truck, Sewage Vacuum Truck, Sewage Pumping Truck, Sewer Suction Truck, Sewer Vacuum Truck, Sewer Pumping Truck, Septic Cleaner Truck, Septic Suction Truck, Septic Vacuum Truck.

    • Specifications

    Product Description

    The HOWO 4×2 12,000L-Capacity Sewage Suction Truck is a robust and efficient vehicle designed for the effective management of sewage and wastewater. This model is for durability, high performance, and ease of operation. It is ideally suited for urban sanitation, industrial waste management, and municipal services.


    • Municipal Sewage Management: Ideal for collecting and transporting sewage from residential, commercial, and industrial areas.
    • Industrial Waste Management: Effective in handling liquid waste from factories, workshops, and processing plants.
    • Emergency Response: Useful in flood control and emergency cleanup operations.

    Key Points of the Truck

    Tank Capacity:

    • Capacity: 12,000 liters
    • Material: High-quality stainless steel or carbon steel are option (ensure longevity and resistance to rust and chemical damage).
    • Design: Cylindrical shape with internal reinforcement to withstand high-pressure suction and discharge operations.

    Powerful Vacuum System:

    • Vacuum Pump: Equipped with a high-performance vacuum pump, capable of creating strong suction to handle dense sludge and heavy waste.
    • Vacuum Pressure: Achieves to -0.085 Mpa, ensuring efficient and quick suction of waste material.

    Reliable Chassis:

    • Brand: HOWO (Sinotruk)
    • Configuration: 4×2 drive, offering balanced traction and stability.
    • Engine: Fitted with a powerful and fuel-efficient diesel engine, meeting EuroⅡ to EuroⅥ emission standards.

    Vehicle Shown

    2024 HOWO 4×2 Sewage Sunction Truck2024 HOWO 4×2 Sewage Sunction Truck2024 HOWO 4×2 Sewage Sunction Truck2024 HOWO 4×2 Sewage Sunction Truck2024 HOWO 4×2 Sewage Sunction Truck2024 HOWO 4×2 Sewage Sunction Truck2024 HOWO 4×2 Sewage Sunction Truck2024 HOWO 4×2 Sewage Sunction Truck2024 HOWO 4×2 Sewage Sunction Truck2024 HOWO 4×2 Sewage Sunction Truck

    Vehicle Name HOWO 12,000L-Capacity Sewage Sunction Truck
    Brand CLW
    Engine & Transmission Engine Model ISF3.8S3168
    Engine Brand Foton Cummins
    Fuel type Diesel
    Displacement / Power 3760ml / 125kw(168HP)
    Emission Standard EuroⅢ
    Number of speeds 6 Forward, 1 Reverse
    Chassis Chassis Type ZZ1107
    Drive Type 4×2
    No. of Axles 2
    Cab Seats 2
    Max Speed (km/h) 100
    Tire 8.25R20
    Tire No.’s 6+1 (Spare)
    Air Condition Yes
    Basic information Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 18,000
    Curb Weight (kg) 9,370
    Payload (kg) 8,200
    Wheelbase (mm) 4,200
    Overall Dimension (mm) 7750×2510×3600
    Upper structure configuration Tank Capacity 12 cbm
    Tank Material Carbon Steel
    Thickness 6 mm
    Suction pipe 8 m
    SK-15 water circulation pump (10 tons oil pump), driven by PTO
    The spill-proof valve is installed on the top of the sewage tank, and two stainless steel filters are installed at the inlet of the vacuum pump.
    Vacuum pump with drainage valve
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