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  • Howo 18-20 meters aerial platform truck

    1. Brand: Howo

    2. Drive: 4x2/LHD/RHD

    3. Aerial Height: 14-16-18-20 M

    4. Type: telescopic boom

    5. Howo aerial platform truck

    • Specifications

    Howo 20 meters aerial platform truck

    Howo 18-20 meters aerial platform truck, which is made under Howo light duty truck chassis and the aerial platform body is made by Chengli truck. The aerial / working height can be from 16-18-20-21 meters.

    Howo telescopic aerial platform truck

    Main features of Howo 18-20 meters aerial platform truck

    It is composed of four telescopic straight arms, the working height of the vehicle can reach 21 meters, the working range is 12 meters, and there is a height and amplitude limit alarm function.

    Equipped with 360 degree continuous slewing device, 360 degree rotating aluminum alloy hanging basket, increased hanging basket size 1400 * 700 * 1150mm, bearing weight of 200kg, so that the staff in the operation process comfort has been improved, with stainless steel fence and anti-slip platform.

    With 100 meters wireless control system, it can realize multi-action synchronization and greatly improve work efficiency.

    Howo telescopic aerial truck

    Key important notice of Howo 18-20 meters aerial platform truck

    With manganese steel as the main force structure of the supersize, it has the upper and lower arm limit function, double interlock function, engine emergency shutdown and reassembly start function, and the user operates. Up, middle and bottom operation, convenient and fast; Full swing folding arm, flexible and maneuverable; with crane crane function.

    Howo telescopic aerial platform truck

    Brands of aerial trucks we can choose are Dongfeng, Howo, Isuzu, JMC, Foton, Shacman, FAW….

    Howo 18-20 meters aerial truck

    This above is the control box of this Howo aerial platform, you can operated it proficiently after our training. Also there is a remote control handset for your choose.

    If you want a knuckle boom aerial truck with bucket, please check below link:

    Howo 18-20 meters aerial platform truck



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