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  • Hot sale ISUZU 4×2 Light refrigerated truck with Japanese engine


    2.Engine :Isuzu 120 horsepower

    3.Emission standard:Euro 2/3/4/5/6  RHD/LHD

    4.Rated weight:4-5 Tons



    • Specifications

    When it comes to the topic of refrigerated trucks, the first condition we think of is not comfortable, luxury these labels, and reliability and stability is the key to refrigerated trucks, after all, the general cold chain of goods are valuable, on the road if a little careless, a little failure, it will cause more serious delays and losses of goods. Today I bring you an engine with Japanese technology Isuzu KV100 refrigerated truck.

    Isuzu KV100 uses Isuzu’s original 4KH1 engine as the power source, the technology of this machine is mature, accessories are supplied by international well-known brands, after many improvements and improvements are very suitable for China’s operating conditions, DPF technology is also in the forefront of the industry. Such machine stability can be seen, in line with the long-term high load operation conditions of refrigerated trucks

    The maximum horsepower of the engine is 120, 320N.m torque, 3L displacement, with the characteristics of low speed and high torque, and the high torque speed range is wide, like urban start, high-speed driving can get plenty of power at the same time, reduce fuel consumption.

    On the power chain, in addition to the 4KH1 engine, the gearbox matches the Isuzu MYY 6-speed manual transmission, as well as the Isuzu 5.5-ton rear axle, axle speed ratio of 4.875, it is worth mentioning that this axle has the longest oil change cycle of 300,000 kilometers, which is a good help to increase vehicle attendance.

    The vehicle adopts lightweight suspension design, and the front 2 and back 2+3 pieces of high-strength spring suspension can reduce a certain amount of self-weight when ensuring the carrying capacity of the vehicle, and facilitate the carrying of more goods under the premise of compliance.

    In terms of cooling machine, the real shooting vehicle is configured according to user needs, you can choose the refrigeration products of well-known brands such as the United States cold King and Carrier, and you can also choose China’s well-known brand cold machine. According to your cargo needs, match different types of coolers to meet the fresh-keeping, freezing, heat preservation transportation needs of different goods.

    Item ISUZU 5 tons refrigerated truck
    Chassis brand ISUZU
    Overall dimension 5995×2300×3250mm
    Van body dimension 2080×2100×2100mm
    Axles 2
    Wheelbase 3360mm
    GVW 4495kg
    Curb weight 3200kg
    Rated weight 1100kg
    Cabin Seat 3
    Fuel Diesel
    Tyre quantity 6(with one spare tyre)
    Tyre size 7.00R16LT 8PR
    Emission standard Euro 2/3/4/5/6
    Engine model 4KH1CN6LB

    Packaging Details

    Packing details: Nude and wax, bulk carrier, flat deck or RO-RO shipping

    (1) Wax: During transportation, the trailer body is sprayed with wax to prevent corrosion by seawater.

    (2) Packaging: Secure securely with steel wire to protect the trailer during transport.

    (3) Transportation: famous freight suppliers provide reliable logistics services to make the transportation process safe and fast.


    Tianjin, Lianyungang, Qingdao, Shanghai

    You can choose freely for the size of the cold room and the temperature inside. Let us know your requirements, we will provide the best price in the factory!

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