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  • FOTON 16000 liters asphalt distribution truck


    2、Engine: asphalt distribution truck

    3、Asphalt Tank Capacity:16000 liters

    4、Driving Form:6×2

    5、Spraying Medium:Emulsified Asphalt, Modified Asphalt, Hot Asphalt, etc.

    • Specifications


    FUTON 16000liters asphalt distribution truck is a kind of mechanical equipment dedicated to road construction and maintenance, mainly used to spray asphalt materials on road surfaces to create durable pavement structures. These vehicles play an important role in the process of road construction, maintenance and repair, including road construction, road maintenance and repair, asphalt sealing layer, asphalt sealing layer, waterproof layer construction, etc., asphalt distributor plays an important role in all aspects of road construction and maintenance, helping to create a durable, smooth and safe road network.

    Our factory produces different brands and models of car models, including Dongfeng, FOTON, SHACMAN, SINOTRUK, ISUZU, etc., with 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, etc

    Key Features:

    1、IsoprosopicPatented technology, temperature rise rate >30C/H, much higher than the conventional wine truck 15C/H, greatly shorten the heating time, save the cost of use.

    2、Intelligent and accurate: the car chassis PTO drive the hydraulic system, proportional control of the hydraulic motor, equipped with Siemens intelligent electronic control system to precisely match the walking speed to control the amount of asphalt spreading.

    3、The patented technology of “quick heating system for asphalt liquor spray nozzle device”, the asphalt spray frame and nozzle have good thermal insulation effect, ensuring smooth asphalt spraying cycle and free cleaning at the end of construction.

    4、Patented technology of “quick heating system of asphalt liquor distribution nozzle device”, the insulation effect of asphalt spray frame and nozzle is good, ensuring smooth asphalt spraying cycle and free cleaning at the end of construction.

    5、Smart:Asphalt pipe cleaning method: no cleaning. Emulsified asphalt temperature rise rate >30C/h, patented heating technology high efficiency, asphalt temperature rise fast.

    6、Parts:Burner: International famous brand (Riyadh G20) Operating system: touch screen operation, equipped with Siemens PLC control systemStarting spray: there is a starting strong spray control to ensure the zero starting spray of asphalt.


    Vehicle Brand FOTON
    Wheelbase 1800+3000mm
    Overall Dimension 8980×2480×3120(mm)
    GVW/Curb Weight 24500kg/12400kg
    Cab  Row half cab
    Engine  asphalt distribution truck
    Tyre 10.00R20 18PR
    Transmission FAST 8 gear
    Driving Form 6×2
    Upper Structure
    Asphalt Tank Capacity 16000 liters
    Insulation Thickness 50mm
    Outer Stainless Steel Thick Stainless Steel
    Heating Method Italy Riya Road Diesel Burner G20+Heat Conduction Full Heating
    Nozzle Number Control One to One Control Intelligent Nozzle
    Asphalt pump QGB950 Imported Gear
    Hand Spray Gun 5m Tube+Hand Spray Rod
    Control Mode Cab Touch Screen Computer Control+Rear Work Platform (Spare)
    Spraying Medium Emulsified Asphalt, Modified Asphalt, Hot Asphalt, etc.


    futon asphalt distribution truck

    futon asphalt distribution truck

    futon asphalt distribution truck

    futon asphalt distribution truck

    futon asphalt distribution truck

    futon asphalt distribution truck

    Asphalt Distributor Truck , , , ,

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