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Zhengxing Fuel truck dispenser

1. Vehicle-mounted fuel dispenser

2. Small fuel dispenser

3. Tanker fuel dispenser

4. Tax-controlled fuel dispenser

5. Zhengxing fuel dispenser

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fuel truck dispenser

Fuel truck dispenser, also called Vehicle-mounted fuel dispenser, small fuel dispenser, tanker fuel dispenser, tax-controlled fuel dispenser…

Zhengxing truck refueling machine uses 12V DC power supply. It is easy to install and is divided into two types of flow. The small flow rate is equipped with a six-point fuel dispenser hose, which is commonly used in gas stations. The gun has 11A on the gun, and the large flow rate is equipped with an inch hose with an inner diameter of 25mm and an outer diameter of 37mm. .

The function of the overflow valve is to prevent the pump from being held back, and the backflow is formed when the pump working gun is not refueled.

Vehicle-mounted tanker refers to a tanker mounted on various tank trucks, tank trucks, and vehicles that transport fuel, and uses the battery on the chassis of the car to provide power to pump fuel and measure it.

Application field

In many places in China, such as ports, mountains, mines, etc., vehicles have difficulty accessing, and there are many engineering vehicles, which are inconvenient to move, and often the worksite is located in deep mountains, remote mountains, impassable roads or other reasons. Refueling requires the use of tank trucks or self-provided vehicles for fuel supply. In order to facilitate extraction and counting, it is necessary to install on-board fuel dispensers on fuel trucks or self-provided fuel delivery vehicles.

There are many uses for on-board refueling machines, such as refueling construction machinery, refueling mining machinery, refueling heavy machinery, shipowners refueling construction vessels, car rescue refueling, field diesel generator set refueling, in-house accounting of oil used by factories and enterprises, chemical companies Weakly corrosive liquid self-priming metering filling, military vehicles or equipment refueling, scientific research institutions metering and other occasions, filling diesel, kerosene, engine oil, lubricating oil, edible oil and other fluidity, weakly corrosive liquid metering irrigation Loading and conveying.

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