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  • Foton IX5 refrigerated truck

    1. Model:CLW5027XLC

    2. Size: 4505x1725x1920

    3. Box size: 1380x1330x980

    4. Power: 115HP

    5. Working Tempreture: -5℃ - 15 ℃

    • Specifications

    Foton IX5 refrigerated truck supplier

    Foton gamma IX5 New bread refrigerator, vehicle model: CLW5027XLC,Futian SUV luxury body, Harbin Dongan 115 horsepower country five gasoline engine, 1.5 displacement, engine model for dam15dl,5 gearbox , Oil brake, front plate rear drum, cab with air conditioning, electronic power, electric doors and windows, central control lock, remote control key, 185 vacuum tire, compartment volume 1.8m3 (1600×1200/980×1000), the car using internal glass steel plate, the body insulation board mining High-density insulation board, installation of the top non-independent unit, The minimum temperature can reach 5 degrees, stainless steel door frame, lock parts, the rest standard.

    Foton suv refrigerated truck

    Main Parameters:

    Vehicle size: 4505x1725x1920
    Box size: 1380x1330x980
    Dongan Power (DAM15DL)
    Power/horsepower: 85KW/115 horsepower

    Foton IX5 refrigerated van

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