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  • Foton forland 4 meters freezer van truck

    1. Brand: Foton/Forland

    2. Drive: 4x2/LHD

    3. Engine: Cummins 130HP

    4. Box sie: 4080 x 2100 x 2100mm

    Foton forland 4 meters freezer van truck

    • Specifications

    forland 4 meters freezer van truck

    New face of forland 4 meters freezer van truck

    foton freezer van truck

    The new Forland refrigerated truck with front and rear drum, Cummins engine 131 hp, ZF 5 gear transmission with air conditioning, center lock, remote control key, fixed speed cruise, multi-function steering wheel.
    The reefer box size: 4080 x 2100 x 2100mm

    foton refrigerated truck

    Inside and outside the box materials using the latest nano-glass steel (not absorbent, good insulation, hardness, antioxidant), insulation material for no gap filled polyurethane foaming, the bottom of the box is flat nano-glass steel, the rear door fully sealed glass and steel double door, stainless steel rear door paneling machine locks, the interior of the box using LED lighting and van display wide lights.

    foton refrigerator truck

    According to the customer’s car demand to choose different freezer units, customers can choose -5 degrees, -10 degrees, -15 degrees, -18 degrees to -20 degrees refrigeration units, refrigeration unit brand has domestic Jinda K brand, Hana, Han Xue, Huatai, Songhan, Kai Xue, super cool … Such as refrigeration units, international refrigeration unit brands are: American Carrier, Thermo King…

    foton refrigerator truck

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