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  • Fog cannon sprayer system mounted on trailer

    1. Name: Fog cannon mounted on trailer

    2. Spraying Range: 30 - 120 meters

    3. Brand: CLW

    4. Manufacturer: Chengli

    5. Location: Suizhou, China

    • Specifications

    CLW fog cannon mounted on trailer

    Fog cannon sprayer system mounted on trailer. The above picture, there are 80 meters fog cannon + 1000 liters water tank + 100kw diesel generator + flat trailer.

    CLW fog cannon mounted on trolley

    This package is include trailer, 60 model fog cannon, 1000 liters water tank. The enduser will use the Industrial electricity.

    water mist sprayer mounted on trolley

    This is a more simple trailer, only the fog cannon system on the trailer. The little water tank is only for the use as water Filter.

    40 model fog cannon on trailer

    It’s another combination, 30 meters fog cannon, 500L plastic water tank, 7.5kw gas generator, 3m tailer.

    fog cannon mounted on trolley

    Other more pictres for reference:

    fog cannon mounted on trailer delivery

    2 sets fog cannon with trailer ready for delivery.

    60 meters fog cannon spraying effect

    60 model Fog cannon spraying effect in mine.

    For more about the parameters of FOG CANNON, GENERATOR, WATER TANK, TRAILER…pls contact us.

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