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» Camiones de ingeniería

Camión de plataforma Dongfeng Furika

1. Marca: Dongfeng/Furika

2. Motor: 150 caballos de potencia

3. Conducir: LHD / 4x2

4. tamaño: 6000x2350x2700mm

Camión de plataforma Dongfeng Furika

  • Presupuesto

Dongfeng Freeka flatbed transporter, 3308 wheelbase B07 single-row wide-body cab, can pull 5-7 tons of excavators and forklift equipment. Yunnei 130 caballo de fuerza, Caja de cambios de 6 velocidades Wanliyang, 2.7eje delantero T, 7.5eje trasero T, 230*7+4 girder, 8.25neumático de alambre de acero R16, 3300mm distancia entre ejes, directional assist, asistencia de embrague, Freno de aire, puertas y ventanas eléctricas , Cerradura central, remote key, new ABS, net length of 3.83 metros. Can carry 60,70,80 excavators.

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck 第1张

Parameters of Dongfeng Furika Flatbed Transporter


Modelo de vehículo AAA5041TPBE5
Fabricante Shenbai Special Vehicle Co., Limitado.
motor Yunnei 130/Chaochai 156/Yuchai 150hp
caja de cambios Wanliyang 6th gear/Fast 8th gear
vigas 188 marco de doble capa
Dimensiones 6000x2350x2700mm
configuración del chasis 8.25R16, cut-off brake, freno de escape, aire acondicionado, cierre centralizado, ventanas y puertas electricas

Dongfeng Furika Flatbed Transporter | Dongfeng Blue Brand Excavator Transporter

Placa inferior: the longitudinal beam is channel steel, the beam is square tube, and the top of the tire is 100*100 square tube. The bottom plate is a 4mm checker plate, and the transmission maintenance port is opened. The frame of the bottom plate is 12# channel steel. The tail is juxtaposed with 6 6mm bending parts.

Front gantry: 12# channel steel is used for the frame of the gantry, round pipes are used for vertical supports, and outline lights are installed. Move the front panel as far forward as possible.

Escalera: 60*120*5 square tube is used for climbing ladder, and the width is 600mm. The height of the lower plane of the rear panel from the ground is ≧540mm.

Otros: bedding wood on the chassis. The place where the electric pipeline and metal come into contact should be protected by rubber or plastic pipe to avoid wear.

Picture of Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck


Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck 第2张

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck 第3张

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck 第4张

optional cab

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck 第5张

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck 第6张

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck 第7张

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck 第8张

Póngase en contacto con el servicio de atención al cliente para el precio de reserva: +86 18872992009 (mismo número en WeChat)

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