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  • Dongfeng water foam fire truck

    1. Brand: Dongfeng KR

    2. Drive: 4x2/4x4/LHD/RHD

    3. Engine: Cuumins 190/170/210 horse power

    4. Tank: 7000 liters water + 1000 liters foam

    Dongfeng water foam fire truck

    • Specifications

    Main introduction of Dongfeng water foam fire truck

    Dongfeng water foam fire truck, which as the popular and most welcomed fire trucks it has been used in the market for many years.

    Basically it made under the famous Dongfeng truck brand, the first truck brand in China and give the most contributions to the recent and nowdays development of China.

    Water & foam fire truck is basic model of fire trucks for fire department.

    Dongfeng water foam fire truck

    The basic parameters of Dongfeng water foam fire truck

    Vehicle Name Dongfeng water foam fire truck
    Main Parameter Chassis brand Dongfeng KR
    Driving type 4X4 LHD
    Cab KR/ 4 doors
    GVW / Curb Weight 18000kg/ 9500kg
    Overall dimension 8350x2500x3500mm
    Engine Brand Cummins/ B190 33
    Power 190hp
    Displacement 5900ml
    Fuel Type Diesel
    Emission Standard Euro III
    Tire Number of Tires 6+1
    Tire Size 1000R20
    Gear box Type FAST 9-speed
    Gear Link Lug type
    Chassis Number of Axles 2
    Wheelbase 4500mm
    Brake Air brake
    Front/ Rear axle 6T/ 10T
    Water Tank Material Carbon steel, 5.0mm
    Tank Capacity 7000 liters water
    700-1000 liter foam

    Dongfeng fire truck

    The main parameters of Pump and Pipe & Accessories















    Pump and Pipe

    Type of fire Pump Famous Rongsheng 10/40
    Fire pump capacity 40 L/S
    Minimum fire pressure 1.0 Mpa
    Fire fighting pump Suction depth 7m
    Fire fighting pump Suction Time 35 s
    Delivery outlet(B/S type) 65 mm(2½ inch)
    Fire fighting nozzle range 50m
    Rotation angle of fire fighting 360
    Turret Nozzle  
    Pipe Line(Inlet) 4’’ Ø one on both side
    Pipe Line(Outlet) 2 ½” Ø two on both side
    Vacuum pump Valve must be located on the control box.
    Pump inlet pipe must be located (1”) above the tank base.
    Vacuum cut-off quality is required to improve.
    Rod system is possible for pump gear.
    Main pump should be fitted (4”) ball valve.
    Accessories straw 150×4 2
    water filter FLF150 1
    Trap FII80/65×2-1.6 1
    water collector JII150/80×2-1.0 1
    hose 16-65-20 8
    Hose wrap DT-SB 4
    belt bridge 570 2
    Hose hook   4
    Ground hydrant wrench QT-DS1;400 1
    underground fire hydrant wrench 860 1
    Suction wrench FS150 2
    DC switch water gun QZG3.5/7.5 1
    multi water gun QHD6.0/8 1
    Air Foam Gun (with gun pipette) QP8/0.7Z;65 1
    Foam outer suction tube assembly Φ40×2000 1
    fire extinguisher 3㎏/ABC 1
    shovel 1050 1
    iron collar 1060 1
    fire waist axe 390 ;GF-285 1
    Fire Flat Axe QTF-PF;810 1
    T-shaped pick QTF-DG;长830 1
    rubber hammer   1


    Many more pictures of Dongfeng water foam fire truck

    Dongfeng fire truck from China Dongfeng fire vehicle

    Other names/ description of Dongfeng water foam fire truck

    Dongfeng water fire truck, Dongfeng foam fire truck, Dongfeng fire truck, Dongfeng fire vehicle, Dongfeng fire engine, Dongfeng fire fighting truck,

    Dongfeng all wheels drive fire truck, Dongfeng right hand drive fire truck, Dongfeng 4 doors fire truck, …

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