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  • Dongfeng KR 12 cbm road sweeper truck

    1. Model: CLW5165TSLE3

    2. GVW: 16000kg

    3. Engine: 210HP

    4. Size: 8500x2500x3100

    5. Wheelbase: 4700mm

    6. Name: Dongfeng tianjin road sweeper truck

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    Dongfeng classical road sweeper truck

    Dongfeng tianjin classical 12cbm road sweeper truck, dongfeng road sweeper truck supplier & manufacturer from China, Chengli dongfeng road sweeper truck factory. China the best road sweeper truck factory with direct aftersales service. CLW brand road sweeper.

    Dongfeng classical road sweeper vehicle

    Dongfeng tianjin 210 horse power diesel cuumins engine, 4700mm wheelbase,  Water tank: 4m3, Waste bin: 8m3, with self-cleaning function,  front flushing and rear spraying, stainless steel dustbin, Cummins 140hp vice engine, US Hyprius solenoid valve components , Luoyang North Glass Blower, Xiamen Nanchao Automatic Clutch, Rear Led Operational Safety Indicator.

    Dongfeng road sweeper truck manufacturer

    Central 2 sweepers, Sanyo motor, Germany imported high-pressure water pump (front punch \ side spray \ mid spray \ rear spray \ side flush car gun \ trash box self-cleaning device), universal high pressure road cleaning, low pressure pump forward , stainless steel water tanks, waste bins; stainless steel high-pressure piping, Schneider control switch, the United States sensor; tail LED arrow lights, oil, garbage cans, tanks with spill or low water level alarm device.

    Dongfeng road sweeper truck supplier

    As one of the sanitation equipment, the road sweeping vehicle is a new type of high-efficiency cleaning equipment integrating road cleaning, garbage recycling and transportation. It can be widely used in road highways, municipal and airport roads, urban residential areas, parks and other roads. Road sweepers not only clean trash, but also dust and purify the air medium on the road.

    China classical road sweeper truck

    As the leading manufacturer of sepecial trucks and road sweeper truck in China, we can supply not only Dongfeng brand road sweeper truck, also we can offer Foton  road sweeper truck, JAC  road sweeper truck, Isuzu  road sweeper truck, JMC  road sweeper truck, FAW  road sweeper truck, Howo  road sweeper truck, …

    For more about the truch chassis or the detailed super structure of this Dongfeng road sweeper truck, pls contact us by mail: or wechat/whatsapp: 0086 18872992009






    Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5165TSLE3
    Main technical data of sweeper product
    Product Name: CLW Brand CLW5165TSLE3 Dongfeng KR 12 cbm road sweeper truck Outer size (mm): 8500, 7880, 7300× 2470× 3100
    Chassis model: EQ1161 Cargo box size (mm): × ×
    Total quality (kg): 16000 Proximity / departure angle (°) 19/13
    Rated quality (kg): 7155 Front suspension / rear suspension (mm): 1230/1840, 1230/2150, 1230/2347, 1230/2458, 1230/3047
    Quality of preparation (kg): 8650 Maximum speed (km/h): 90
    Axle load: 5600/10400
    Chassis parameters of Dongfeng KR 12 cbm road sweeper truck
    Chassis model: EQ1161 Chassis batch: 299
    Axis number: 2 Fuel type: diesel oil
    Wheelbase (mm): 3950, 4500, 4700, 5200, 5600 Front wheelbase (mm): 1858, 1949, 1923, 1891
    Rated passenger: 7155 Posterior wheelbase (mm): 1806, 1865
    Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 8/10+7
    Emission standards: gb17691 - 2005 Euro Ⅴ, gb3847 - 2005
    Tire specifications: 9.00R20, 10.00R20
    Engine parameters of Dongfeng KR 12 cbm road sweeper truck
    Engine model Engine production enterprise Displacement (ML) Power (kw)
    ISB210 50
    ISB180 50
    ISD160 50
    Guangxi jade wood machine Limited by Share Ltd
    Guangxi jade wood machine Limited by Share Ltd
    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
    Guangxi Yuchai machine Limited by Share Ltd
    Other information of Dongfeng KR 12 cbm road sweeper truck
    Special function description:
    1, the car is used for sweeping. The whole vehicle length / wheelbase / rear suspension corresponds to (mm): 7300/3950/2120, 7880/4500/2150, 7880/4700/1950, 8500/5200/2070, 8500/5600/1670.2, protection material: Q235A carbon steel, connection mode: the protection of left and right side protection, the rear part protection and the auxiliary beam welding connection, the rear section protection section size (mm): 50 * 200 The rear protection height (mm): 440.3, ABS system manufacturer, model: Jiaozuo brink control technology limited, J ABS. installation with satellite positioning function recorder.4, text spraying position and vehicle color can change.5, selected suction box and single sweep brush device.6. using 9.00R20 16PR, 10.00R20 14PR, 16PR, 18PR specification tires.
    Dongfeng classical road sweeper truck

    Dongfeng KR 12-16 cbm road sweeper truck

    Dongfeng KR road sweeper truckDongfeng road sweeper truckDongfeng KR road sweeper vehicleDongfeng road sweeper deliveryDongfeng road sweeperDongfeng road sweeper inspection Dongfeng road sweeper vacuum motor Dongfeng road sweeper structure Dongfeng road sweeper structureDongfeng road sweeper rear spraying Dongfeng road sweeper vehicle jetting system Dongfeng road sweeper vehicle vacuum suction plate Dongfeng road sweeper vehicle brush

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