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  • Dongfeng KINGRUN 12000 liters asphalt distribution truck

    1、Brand:Dongfeng KINGRUN

    2、Engine:Cummins 220 hps

    3、Asphalt tank capacity:12000 liters


    5、Spraying medium:Emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, hot asphalt, etc

    • Specifications


    Dongfeng  asphalt distribution truck is the main equipment for the construction of highways, urban roads, airports and port terminals. It is used to transport and distribute liquid asphalt (including hot, emulsified asphalt and oil residue) when using asphalt injection method, asphalt layer paving method, surface treatment method, construction of asphalt pavement or maintenance of asphalt residue pavement. It can also supply asphalt binder to loose soil to build asphalt stabilized soil pavement Or road base, as well as the construction of high-grade highways, asphalt pavement bottom layer of waterproof layer, adhesive layer of asphalt sprinkling, road maintenance asphalt surface, spraying, can also be used for the implementation of layered paving technology of county and township road construction.

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    Key features:

    1、 Dongfeng Tianjin chassis has excellent bearing capacity, flexible and lightweight maneuverability, beautiful atmosphere .To provide safe, efficient and reliable service for the majority of intercity logistics customers;

    2、The manual control mode of the rear operating platform can realize the separate control of each group of nozzles (2 nozzles per group), thus The spray width can be adjusted arbitrarily. After passing through the working platform cylinder can arbitrarily adjust the rise and fall of the spray rod。

    3、The heating system uses Riallo burners with automatic ignition and temperature control.

    4、With the international advanced high viscosity asphalt pump, the external asphalt can be pumped into the tank to achieve self-priming, and the asphalt in the tank can be pumped out.

    We will customize different types of vehicles for you according to your needs, welcome your consultation!


    Serial number Name Specification
    1 Vehicle brand Dongfeng
    2 Engine Cummins 220 hps
    3 Dimensions 8300×2500×3420(mm)
    4 Curb weight 18000(Kg)
    5 Payload 8700(KG)
    6 Tyre 295/80R22.5 18PR
    7 Wheel base 5000(mm)
    8 gearbox Fast 8th gear
    9 Asphalt tank capacity 12000 liters
    10  Insulation thickness 50mm
    11 Outer stainless steel A thick stainless steel
    12 Heating method Italy Riya Road diesel burner G20+ heat conduction full heating
    13 Nozzle number control 36 (one control and one smart nozzle)
    14 Hydraulic filte 550-L
    15 Proportional valve EFRD-G03-160-HF
    16 Asphalt pump motor 05-110-B031
    17 Asphalt pump QGB950 imported gear
    18 Hand lance 5 m hose + hand spray rod
    19 Control mode Cab touch screen computer control + rear work platform (standby)
    20 Spraying medium Emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, hot asphalt, etc

    Reference Picture:

    12000 liters asphalt distribution truck (

    12000 liters asphalt distribution truck (

    12000 liters asphalt distribution truck (

    12000 liters asphalt distribution truck (

    12000 liters asphalt distribution truck (

    12000 liters asphalt distribution truck (

    Cab control platform

    12000 liters asphalt distribution truck

    Asphalt Distributor Truck , , ,

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