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  • Dongfeng D9 road cleaning truck

    1. Brand: Dongfeng D9

    2. Drive: LHD/4x2

    3. Engine: Cummins

    4. Power: 190-210 HP

    Dongfeng road deep cleaning truck

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng D9 road cleaning truck

    Dongfeng D9 road cleaning truck, also we call it Dongfeng road cleaning truck, Dongfeng deep cleaning truck…

    What does it mean Deep cleaning truck? What is the difference between this truck with the road sweepers?…

    Dongfeng road deep cleaning truck

    Special Features of Dongfeng D9 road deep cleaning truck

    The vehicle integrates the functions of a road sweeper and a vacuum cleaner. It is specially designed for heavily polluted garbage removal vehicles such as washing and creating roads, sand and gravel plants, coal plants, mixing stations, etc. , not limited by the distance from the water source, it is an all-terrain, all-weather road sweeper, especially suitable for cold and dusty areas. Wet and dry use, all-weather coverage in all seasons!

    Road Cleaning:
    The auxiliary engine drives the hydraulic oil pump and the fan to work. The hydraulic oil pump drives the left and right sweeping discs to telescopic, lift and rotate. The left and right sweeping discs sweep the garbage on both sides to the bottom of the road sweeper and in front of the suction nozzle. The operation of the fan makes the air duct composed of the dustbin, the straw and the nozzle generate high-speed airflow. Under the action of the airflow, the garbage is sucked into the nozzle and enters the dustbin; the chassis engine drives the vacuum cleaner to walk forward and sweep to the front of the nozzle The garbage continuously enters the suction nozzle, and is continuously sucked into the garbage bin to achieve road cleaning.

    Anti Dust :
    The dustbin is designed in layers. After the dust is filtered by the filter cartridge, the clean air is discharged, and the granular garbage directly enters the garbage can; in rainy days or wet roads, by switching the air duct, all the garbage directly enters the garbage can by gravity sedimentation. . The rubbish and dust sucked into the carriage are dedusted through three stages of inertia separation, impact separation and filtration separation, and the first dry dust removal mechanism is adopted to realize automatic dust removal by the filter system.

    Main Parameters of Dongfeng D9 road deep cleaning truck

    Rear suction cup, Yuchai 140 hp auxiliary engine; vigorous motor; German high pressure water pump (side flushing water gun / dust suppression at the rear of the garbage can / internal spray in the suction cup); Taiwan hydraulic valve group; rear arrow light; overflow device; multiple voice prompts; anti-dumping garbage rollover protection, maintenance safety protection, reverse suction cup protection; 20m high-pressure washing reel; rear spray dust reduction; precision cold-formed seamless hydraulic oil pipe; CAN bus integrated motion controller, one key Computer control.

    1. High-pressure cleaning: cleaning speed is 3-15 km/h, suction sweeping width is 2.4 m, cleaning water pressure is 10 MPa, and water pump flow is 142 L/min.
    2. The maximum cleaning capacity is 51000m²/h.
    3. There are two rear sweeping discs, driven by hydraulic motor.
    4. Suction cup: hydraulic control, spring suspension, suction mouth diameter 320mm.
    5. Set high-definition monitoring probes on the right, left, front, and rear, and set high-definition LCD monitors in the cab to monitor the operation effect.

    Advanced parts of Dongfeng D9 road deep cleaning truck

    1. CAN bus control system
    2. Intelligent voice prompt and alarm system
    3. Humanized safety protection system
    4. Germany PINFL high pressure water pump PT40
    5. Germany PINFL automatic unloading valve VB200/150
    6. Germany PINFL relief valve VS200-180
    7. Germany STW CPU controller
    8. Hequan knob switch
    9. Taiwan Baibu Seiki hydraulic valve SWH-G02-C4-D2H

    Spare Parts

    2 sweeping brushes, 4 suction cup wheel outer rings, 10 meters of sealing strip, 1 meter of side card sealing strip, 9 meters of straight card sealing strip, 2 bearings, 1 vacuum hose, 5 fan belts, 3 water pump belts Roots, suction cup skin 7 meters, 2 open wrenches, 1 hand pump rod for fire hose and sewage belt, 1 fire wrench, 1 hand gun, 1 hand suction cup, 6 meters hand vacuum hose , 1 short air gun, 1 quick-connect trachea, 1 blowback trachea, 2 pairs of line gloves.

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