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  • Dongfeng D9 Drilling truck

    1. Brand: Dongfeng

    2. Engine: Cummins

    3. HorsePower: 190HP

    4. Wheelbase: 4500mm

    5. Drilling depth:100-150 meters

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng D9 Drilling truck, Dongfeng D9 mobile drilling platform truck

    Dongfeng D9 Drilling truck

    Introduction of drilling truck/ mobile drilling platform :

    Drilling truck is also called mobile drilling platform, which is composed of automobile chassis, drilling equipment, transfer device, hydraulic system, tower and other parts. It is mainly used for the construction of seismic blast holes; general survey and exploration shallow hole construction of petroleum, natural gas and solid minerals; urban construction, railway and hydropower departments for engineering geological survey construction; shallow hydrogeological survey and water well drilling.

    Dongfeng mobile drilling platform truck

    Main configuration of Dongfeng D9 Drilling truck

    Dongfeng Dolica D9 drilling rig: The chassis adopts Dongfeng Dolica D9 chassis, Cummins 190 horsepower engine, 4500 wheelbase, 10.00R20 tires with spare tires, 6-speed gearbox, direction assist and air brake. Original air conditioner. Top configuration: gearbox, gyrator, hoist, gearbox, mud pump, power take-off box, derrick, tower, faucet.

    Dongfeng mobile drilling platform truck

    Main features of Dongfeng D9 Drilling truck

    ●Brand: Dongfeng
    ●Model: CLW5097TZJ6
    ●Drilling hole diameter: 200mm
    ●Drilling depth: 100m
    ●Drilling angle range: 90°
    ●Engine power: 147kw
    ●Weight: 9200kg
    ●Crushing method: impact rotary drilling rig
    ●Construction site: surface drilling rig
    ●Drilling depth: medium and deep hole drilling rig
    ●Usage: Hydrogeological water well drilling rig
    ●Geological exploration vehicle-mounted drilling rig Geological and mineral exploration drilling vehicle DPP100 North Exploration vehicle drilling rig
    ●Scope of application: used for the construction of seismic blast holes.
    ●Used for general survey and exploration shallow hole construction of oil, natural gas and solid minerals.
    ●Used for engineering geological survey and construction of urban construction, railway and hydropower departments.
    ●Used for shallow hydrogeological survey and water well drilling.

    D9 Drilling truck

    The main advantage of Dongfeng D9 Drilling truck:

    ●Hydraulic pressure and powerful lifting, saving manpower and reducing labor intensity.
    ●The hoist is a planetary hoist, which is flexible, safe and reliable in operation.
    ●A reverse gear mechanism is added to the gearbox, and a handle can be manipulated to enable the gyrator to have three positions of forward rotation, stop, and reverse rotation, which makes the active drill rod easy to unscrew, time-saving and labor-saving.
    ●Mud pump has strong self-priming ability, adjustable 10-level flow.
    ●The faucet is small in size, light in weight and reliable in sealing.
    ●The active drill rod has good rigidity and self-heavy weight. It can be pressurized by its own weight when drilling, and the drilling efficiency is high.
    ●The lifting and lowering derrick is hydraulically operated, which is convenient, safe and reliable.
    ●The whole vehicle is equipped with four sets of hydraulic outriggers, which can adjust the extension length of any leg at will to adapt to different working places.
    ●The automobile transfer case is an integral, military off-road type.
    ●The drilling rig can be operated in the forward and reverse directions on the operating table, and the operation is convenient and flexible.


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