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  • Dongfeng Captain 4×2 Sewage Flushing Truck

    Brand: Dongfeng

    Driving Form:4×2

    Engine: Cummins


    Tank Capacity:12000 Liters

    This types of vehicles are also  called septic tank truck, sewage vacuum truck, hydrovac truck, flusher truck, cesspool truck, liquid waste truck, sewer jet truck, vacuum truck.

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng Captain 4×2 Sewage Flushing Truck

    Application of Dongfeng Captain 4×2 Sewage Flushing Truck

    Various applications for cleaning and maintaining municipal sewage systems and sanitation facilities. Its primary function is to flush and clean sewage pipelines, drains, and other sanitation infrastructure.

    • Sewer and Drain Cleaning
    • Sanitation and Hygiene Maintenance
    • Environmental Cleanup
    • Septic Tank Cleaning

    Dongfeng Captain 4×2 Sewage Flushing Truck

    Key Features of Dongfeng Captain 4×2 Sewage Flushing Truck

    Powerful Chassis: The reliable chassis designed to carry the weight of the tank and equipment while ensuring stability during operation.

    Vacuum System: Cleaning and emptying septic tanks, manholes, and other sewage collection points.

    Large Capacity Tank: It typically has a substantial capacity tank to carry and store water for the high-pressure cleaning process. The tank size can vary depending on the specific model and application requirements.

    Dongfeng Captain 4×2 Sewage Flushing Truck

    Structure of Dongfeng Captain 4×2 Sewage Flushing Truck

    Structure drawing of sewage suction truck

    The Vehicle Parameters

    Vehicle Basic Information
    Driving Form 4×2
    Wheelbase 3800(mm)
    Overall Size 7300×2360×3160(mm)
    GVW/Curb Weight 14060/8230(Kg)
    Brand Dongfeng
    Cab Seats 2,3
    Tire/No. 8.25R20/6+1 Spare
    Brand Cummins
    Horse Power 195HP
    Fuel Type Diesel
    No.of Gears Fast 6 Gears
    Upper Body Structure
    Tank Capacity Sewage 6000 Liters/Water 5500 Liters
    Material High Quality Carbon Steel
    Vacuum Pump Water Cycle—SK12
    Flushing Pump Pinfl/215


    Dongfeng Captain 4×2 Sewage Flushing Truck Dongfeng Captain 4×2 Sewage Flushing Truck Dongfeng Captain 4×2 Sewage Flushing Truck

    Chassis brand: Dongfeng, heavy truck, Shaanxi Automobile, Isuzu, Jianghuai brand are optional. Tank volume can be customized according to customer needs. Emission standards Euro I, Euro II, Euro III, Euro IV, Euro V, Euro VI are also optional.

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