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  • Dongfeng 7500 liters 1600 Gal water fire fighting truck

    Brand: Dongfeng

    Model: DF1100 water fire truck

    Tank: 7500 liters = 1600 Gal

    Engine: 130-210HP

    Pump: 10/30 30L/s

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    Dongfeng 7500 liters 1600 Gal water fire fighting truck

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    Wholesale of Dongfeng water fire fighting trucks


    Technical Data of DONGFENG 7.5T WATER FIRE TRUCK

    I Body
    Name Water Fire Truck
    Country of origin China
    Cab Cabin (two doors) with Air – Condition,
    Minimum Size of Tyre 9.00-20
    Maximum weight 12000kg
    The number of Tyre 6+1(Spare tyre)
    Minimum speed 90 Km/hr
    Vehicles dimension (mm) 7500x2480x3300
    Water tank dimension (mm) 3400x2300x1550
    Wheelbase (mm) 3950
    Water tank capacity 1600gal(7.5T)
    II Engine
    Minimum Engine Rated power 96 KW/130 HP
    Model 2020
    Engine type 4 Stroke Water Cooling Direct Injection
    Engine Fuel Diesel Oil
    Driving type 4x2
    Gear Link Lug type
    III Pump and Pipe
    Type of fire Pump Centrifugal pump 10/30
    Minimum fire pressure 1.0 Mpa
    Minimum fire pump capacity 30L/S
    Fire fighting pump Suction depth  > 7 m
    Fire fighting pump Suction Time  < 35 s
    Delivery outlet(B/S type)
    Fire fighting nozzle range
    Rotating angle of fire fighting > 50 m
    Turret Nozzle 360
    Pipe Line (Inlet)
    Pipe Line(Outlet) 4’’ Ø one on both side
    Vacuum pump Value must be Located on Pump inlet pipe must be located (1″ ) above Vacuum cut-off quality is required to

    Rod system is possible for pump gear.

    Main pump should be fitted(4″) ball valve.

      ” Ø one on both side

    Locaed the control box.


    The tank base.

    (Iv) Accessories
     Fire Electric siren
    Emergency rotation lamp 1-Nos
    Fire axe 1-Nos
    Fire hook 1-Nos
    Fireman ladder(Extension Ladder) (30′ <) 1-Nos(Must be applied to climb)
    Jet & Spray Nozzle 1-Nos(Metal Ladder)
    Jet Nozzle 1-Nos
    Fire hoses (B/S System )(65mm 20m) 1-Nos
    Suction pipe (Length 4m) 4-Nos
    Water Filter ( Metal ) 2-Nos
    Suction pipe wrench 2-Nos
    Pipe quality is required to improve.  2-Nos
    To contain fire extinguisher.(3 Kg)
    Seat of hydraulic jack and wheel spanner quality are required to improve.

    dongfeng 10000 liters water fire truck

    This is the classical Dongfeng water fire fighting truck model.

    dongfeng 145 water fire truck

    This is the same parameters just different pump position.

    dongfeng water fire truck

    The pump room with the fire pump inside.

    dongfeng 8000 liters water fire truck

    From another side view of dongfeng 145 water fire truck.

    dongfeng 9000 liters water fire truck

    A wholesales of dongfeng 145 water fire trucks.

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