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  • Dongfeng 6X6 EQ6840PT Off Road Bus

    1. Brand: Dongfeng

    2. Model: EQ6840PT

    3. Drive: LHD / 6x6

    4. Engine: EQ6BT5.9

    5. Seats: 30

    • Specifications
    • Detailed Parameters

    Dongfeng 6X6 EQ6840PT Off Road Bus

    Dongfeng EQ6840PT Off Road Bus

    Brief introduction of EQ6840PT  six-wheel drive off-road bus:

    1. The EQ6840PT six-wheel drive forest fire-fighting troop carrier is an off-road passenger vehicle independently developed by Dongfeng Special Automobile Company. The engine is Cummins 190 horsepower / Yuchai 200 horsepower national five engine, military six-speed mechanical gearbox with six gears, using the original EQ240 Military vehicle bridge, with the characteristics of strong performance and good power, due to the 6×6 drive and the advantage of the chassis height, the vehicle has strong traffic capacity in the field and low-grade roads, and has good climbing ability, with a traffic gradient of 40% . The carrying capacity is strong, with 30 passengers. The front wall part of the body and the instrument panel borrow the Dongfeng EQ153 cab, which improves the versatility of the vehicle parts. Its superior performance is widely used in oilfield exploration and modification. At present, the vehicle has become a national designated forest fire prevention special troop carrier. Dongfeng military product inheritance of quality, stable and solid chassis and strong engine power. The interior is luxurious, comfortable and safe.

    Dongfeng EQ6840PT Off Road Bus

    2. Configuration introduction: the military chassis is EQ6840PT type three six-wheel drive off-road passenger vehicle chassis, the engine uses: ISD190 50 six-cylinder Cummins 190 horsepower country five engine or Yuchai YC4EG200-50 four-cylinder 200 horsepower country five engine, gearbox It is a manual six-speed gearbox, and the overall dimensions of the vehicle: length, width and height: (8160 × 2320 × 2800) mm Drive form: 6 × 6, clutch assist, direction assist, air brake, drum automatic, ABS, axles are Dongfeng Germany The tires are 11R18 off-road tires, outer luggage rack, 3 tool boxes, front anti-installation bars, bonded sliding glass, aluminum pattern floor, mid-range seats, manual swing doors, and 153 cab front and co-driver doors , Optional independent diesel boiler heater with 3 air outlets, Dongfeng Pine overhead central air conditioning, a full set of curtains, two fire extinguishers, and one spare tire. The others are standard equipment for the EQ6840PT six-wheel drive off-road bus. One set of finished product certificate, household invoice, vehicle-mounted tools, and vehicle-mounted documents.

    Dongfeng 30 seats Off Road Bus

    3. Application: The EQ6840PT six-wheel drive off-road passenger car uses military off-road tread tires, which have good off-road passability, convenient operation and excellent performance. The product is suitable for geological exploration, oilfield operations, and highway construction. Line maintenance, mine rescue, water conservancy and hydropower Special industries such as peacekeeping forces and the military are ideal equipment for transportation and operations in the field and under harsh road conditions. Dongfeng off-road buses can be modified into off-road rescue command vehicles, 6-wheel drive off-road camping vehicles, off-road motorhomes, 6-wheel drive off-road RVs, 6-wheel drive dining vehicles, 6-wheel drive field cooking vehicles, off-road special engineering operation buses, off-road medical vehicles, and off-road vehicles according to customer needs Electric engineering vehicles, off-road geophysical vehicles, off-road exploration vehicles, off-road TV broadcast vehicles, forest fire off-road personnel carriers, etc.

    Dongfeng EQ6840PT Bus

    Dongfeng EQ6840PT Off Road Bus

    Once successful cases of this Dongfeng 6X6 EQ6840PT Off Road Bus for AMH – Altai Mountain Snowpark

    Dongfeng 6x6 EQ6840PT Off Road Bus

    Dongfeng 6x6 ADW Off Road Bus



    Vehicle Name Dongfeng 6X6 AWD Military Bus 
    General   Vehicle Brand Dongfeng
    Model EQ6840PT
    Drive 6x6 AWD
    Wheelbase(mm) 3200+1070
    Size(mm) 8160x2320x3010
    GVW(kg) 9300
    Seat Capacity 30
    Speed (km/h) 80
    Color Military Green/ Customized (Metallic paint)
    Others AC with 90A generator

    / Power steering / Air Brake

    Chassis Brand & Model Dongfeng / EQ6662
    Axle Load 3T+3.5TX2
    Tire & No 11R18/ 6+1
    Track 1774/1774/1774
    Suspension High Steel plate spring ,Front 10/ Rear 13
    Steering Power steering
    Oil tank Copper oil tank (150L)
    Batteries 12V 150A.
    Brake Dual circuit full air brake/ ABS
    Ratio 5.83
    Engine Brand CUMMINS
    Fuel Diesel
    Horse/ Displacement 118kw / 160 HP / 5900ml
    Features Inline Six cylinders , water cooled, direct injection;
    Emission Standard Euro III
    Gearbox Model Dongfeng 5 speed
    Type Manual 5 +1
    Modified Part Door Manual rotating passenger door
    Side windows Side windows
    Air conditioning Dongfeng top settled air conditioner
    Video system Mp3 Radio Player with SD card connector
    Lights Combined headlight
    Seats General seat (two-point safety belt for passengers and three-point safety belt for drivers)
    High backrest with shock absorption and adjustable
    Floor Aluminum patterned floor
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