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  • Dongfeng 4×2 truck with 10ton crane


    2、Engine: Y UCHAI 190 hp

    3、Driving Form:4×2  RHD

    4、Crane brand:CHENGLI

    5、Crane load:10 tons

    Truck crane can also be called:Truck-mounted crane、Mobile crane、Lorry-mounted crane、Telescopic crane、Boom truck、Hydraulic crane and so on.

    • Specifications


    Truck-mounted cranes, renowned for their versatility and mobility in handling lifting tasks, play an essential role in numerous industries due to their unique ability to transport and lift materials simultaneously. Here are some common applications:

    1.Construction: Truck-mounted cranes are pivotal in lifting building materials like bricks, steel beams, and lumber directly onto construction sites, thus accelerating the construction process.

    2.Utilities and Telecommunications: They find extensive use in installing and maintaining utility poles and telecommunication infrastructure, ensuring precise positioning and removal of poles and associated equipment.

    3.Landscaping and Tree Removal: Truck-mounted cranes excel in lifting large trees or boulders, facilitating landscaping projects and the removal of trees or debris after storms.

    4.Manufacturing and Warehousing: These cranes facilitate the movement of heavy raw materials or finished products onto trucks for transportation or within warehouse facilities, optimizing logistics and storage operations.

    5.Oil & Gas and Mining: Particularly in remote or challenging terrains, truck-mounted cranes play a vital role in transporting and positioning heavy equipment necessary for extraction and processing tasks in the oil & gas and mining sectors.

    6.Emergency and Rescue Operations: Specialized versions of truck-mounted cranes are equipped for deployment in rescue operations, capable of lifting vehicles or debris in accidents or natural disasters, thus assisting in emergency response efforts

    Dongfeng 4×2 boom truck

    Key feature

    Truck-mounted cranes, also known as loader cranes, boom trucks, or truck loader cranes, possess several key features that make them invaluable in various industries. Here are the main characteristics:

    1、Mobility and Accessibility: Being mounted on a truck, these cranes can easily move from one site to another, allowing for the lifting and transportation of materials in diverse locations, including those that are remote or have limited access.

    2、Versatility: Truck-mounted cranes can perform a wide range of tasks, from lifting construction materials and equipment to loading and unloading goods in logistics operations. Their ability to serve multiple purposes on a job site makes them extremely versatile.

    3、Compact Design: Compared to traditional cranes, truck-mounted cranes are more compact, making them suitable for operations in confined spaces. This compactness does not significantly compromise their lifting capacity.

    4、Cost-effectiveness: By combining transportation and lifting capabilities, these cranes reduce the need for additional machinery on site, thereby saving on costs related to equipment rental, maintenance, and manpower.

    5、Ease of Use: Modern truck-mounted cranes come equipped with advanced technology, such as remote controls and computerized load management systems, making them easier and safer to operate.

    6、Quick Setup and Breakdown: These cranes require less time for setup and breakdown compared to traditional cranes, increasing operational efficiency and reducing downtime on the job site.

    7、Customization: Truck-mounted cranes can be customized with various attachments and configurations to meet specific job requirements, enhancing their functionality and application range.

    Brand advantage

    Dongfeng, a prominent brand in the automotive industry, particularly known for its commercial vehicles, possesses several key advantages that have contributed to its strong presence in both domestic and international markets:

    1.Wide Range of Products: Dongfeng offers a diverse array of vehicles, including trucks, buses, and special vehicles like cranes and dump trucks, catering to various commercial needs.

    2.Innovation and Technology: The brand is committed to research and development, focusing on integrating new technologies to enhance vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and safety features.

    3.Quality and Reliability: Dongfeng vehicles are known for their durability and reliability, built to withstand challenging conditions and heavy usage, which assures long-term operational efficiency.

    4.Global Reach: With a growing international presence, Dongfeng has expanded its market beyond China, establishing partnerships and joint ventures with other leading automotive brands globally, which enhances its global competitiveness.

    5.Sustainability Focus: Dongfeng is increasingly focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly vehicles, including electric and hybrid models, in response to global environmental concerns and market demand.

    6.Strong After-sales Service: The brand offers comprehensive after-sales service and parts availability, ensuring high customer satisfaction and trust in the brand.


    Dongfeng 4×2 boom truck  Dongfeng 4×2 boom truck

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