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  • Dongfeng 30 tons livestock transport truck

    1. Brand:Dongfeng

    2. Drive: 8x4 LHD

    3. Engine: Cummins 440HP

    4. Size: 11500x2500x3900mm

    5. Dongfeng KL livestock transport truck

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng KL livestock transport truck

    Dongfeng 30 tons livestock transport truck, High quality Dongfeng KL 8×4 livestock truck.

    Dongfeng KL livestock transport truck

    Main Features of this Dongfeng 30 tons livestock transport truck

    1, Aluminum alloy truck body, easy cleaning and light duty designing.
    2, Could be used for transporting small hogs and adult hogs.
    3, Big volume with 4 floors. Every floor 4 compartments.
    4, Vedio and temperaturer controller in cabin.
    5, Spraying nozzle and drinking nozzle, controlled in cabin.
    6, Fans equipped as standard. Air Conditioner optional.
    7, Electric tail lifter for loading and unloading.
    8, Breathing windows could be adjusted with 3 positions.
    9, Cleaning water tanker 400 liters.
    10, Sewage water tanker 200 liters.

    Dongfeng Aluminium livestock transporter

    Quick Details of Dongfeng 30 tons livestock transport truck

    Quick Details
    Vehicle name Livestock truck country of origin China
    Fuel Type Diesel Vehicle size 11500×2500×3900(mm)
    GVW 31000(Kg) vehicle weight 11000(Kg)
    Loading capacity 20000(Kg) Wheel base 3800(mm)
    Max speed 110km/h Driving type 8×4

    Dongfeng Aluminium poultry transporter

    DongFeng 8×4 livestock and poultry transporter truck 

    Flat truck highway transport of a common vehicle, because it is more convenient to load and unload large, heavy goods, and than the same specifications of other models, can load more goods, favored by the transport unit. In transport vehicles, flat cars are generally divided into two kinds, one is a flat plate, one is a high and low plate.

    Dongfeng Aluminium livestock and poultry transporter

    Special Functions of this Dongfeng livestock transport truck

    1. The temperature of the special transporter car is constant temperature, and it also has the characteristics of refrigeration, heating, exhaust, and large transportation. It can transport the chickens in hot summer or cold winter. Chicken seedling survival rate.
    2. The chick transporter can install a temperature display in the cab so that the temperature inside the cabin of the chick carrier can be monitored at any time.
    3. There are several ventilation and heating equipment in the compartment of the chicken carrier transporter, and there are multiple exhaust vents in the compartment. The air is ventilated and ventilated to ensure that the chicks in the compartment have sufficient oxygen.
    4, the special transport vehicle for chicks also has the characteristics of environmental protection, dustproof, sunscreen, corrosion resistance, etc. The materials used are made of high quality FRP materials.
    Our company can customize the chicken carrier transport according to the special requirements of the users. The price of the chick transport truck is reasonable, the quality is guaranteed, and the use time is long.

    Dongfeng Aluminium livestock and poultry transporter

    Some others basic features of Dongfeng livestock transport truck

    1. The layered loading mechanism: a two-layer loading mechanism is arranged in the box body, and the lifting and lowering of the partition plate is realized through the hydraulic system, and each layer of the partition plate is configured. Separate columns.
    2, feeding system. It consists of a liquid food tank, a pipeline pump, a pipe, a feeding nozzle, etc., to realize the transportation and feeding of liquid food.
    3, constant temperature system. It consists of a car refrigerator, a heater, a gas mixing and conveying bin, and a tank exhaust fan to realize the circulation and constant temperature of the living space of the piglet.
    4, sprinkler system. It consists of a pneumatic water tank, a pipe, a sprinkler, and a sewage collection box. The piglets are sprayed and cooled, and the tank is cleaned.
    5, in and out of the channel. The rear door is automatically deployed by the hydraulic system to form a passage for the piglets to enter and exit the box, and a guardrail is provided.
    6, power supply system. It is equipped with a micro generator to supply power to related equipment.
    7,Optional refrigeration unit: -15℃~0℃, -5℃~0℃, 0℃~5℃, not only cooling, we also have heating unit
    8,We can provide 4m to 9m baby Chicken transport box trucks
    9,More options on c hassis and enigne, such as foton, dongfeng, howo, Japan brand, JMC, Shacman, etc
    For others more, please contact us. 
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