Dongfeng 2 cars wrecker tow truck
  • Dongfeng 2 cars tow truck
  • Dongfeng wrecker truck
  • Dongfeng towing truck
  • Dongfeng tow truck
  • Dongfeng wrecker tow truck
  • Dongfeng 2 cars wrecker tow truck

    1. Brand: Dongfeng

    2. Engine: 120HP

    3. Wheelbase: 3300-3800mm

    4. Type: 2 cars towing truck

    5. Origin: China, Suizhou

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng 2 cars wrecker tow truck

    Configuration: 3P2A mounted, one-to-two type, using German technology folding stamping plate, Plate length 5.55 meters, width 2.22 meters, two-sided linkage operating device, with after working lights 3, a 40KN hydraulic winch, with 25 meters wire rope, a toolbox, a washbox, with 2 cars, 6 straps, chain hookone, L-type tire frame one pair, a pair of support forks, a pair of forks.

    The rest of the plant is standard. Paint: blue on the board, jade and white border, with reflective strips.

    The plate is composed of mold punched convex plate block. Platform assembly using the latest one-time press molding production, strengthen the groove steel beam fixed, not only reduce the weight of the vehicle, but also increase lift and loading capacity, but also increase dismounting platform loading surface anti-slip function.

    Dongfeng 2 cars tow truck

    Single row can be front flipped cab, 156 horsepower engine, 150/130/120 horsepower engine, six-speed transmission, wheelbase 3800mm, brake, 7.50 wire tire, original air conditioning, gas brake, with ABS, electric glass.

    Dongfeng wrecker truck

    Features of the Tow Truck:
    Features 1: multi-way valve, balance valve using Italian imports.
    Features 2: Hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic connectors using German technology.
    Features 3: All imported seals. Features 4: new non- slip plate, the use of mold stamping, never deformation.

    Dongfeng towing truck

    ADD: Chengli Ind. Zone, Zengdu Dist., Suizhou, Hubei, China

    TEL: +86-722-7113456
    MB: +86 188 72992009
    Web: www.cl-spv.com

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