IVECO Hongyan 20T Abschleppwagen
  • IVECO 20T tow truck
  • Hongyan 20T tow truck
  • IVECO tow truck
  • Hongyan tow truck
  • IVECO Hongyan 20T wrecker truck
  • IVECO 20T wrecker truck
  • IVECO Hongyan 20T rescue truck
  • IVECO Hongyan 20T Abschleppwagen

    1. Marke: IVECO Hongyan

    2. Fahrt: 4x2/LHD

    3. Ladegewicht: 12-25 Tonnen

    4. Motor: Iveco Cursor

    5. IVECO Hongyan 20T Abschleppwagen

    • Spezifikationen

    IVECO Hongyan 20T tow/wrecker/rescue truck

    IVECO Hongyan 20T Abschleppwagen

    Also some others call it IVECO HONGYAN 20t boom integrated tow truck, which choose HONGYAN 4×2 heavy duty truck chassis, made by SAIC-IVECO China company.

    IVECO 20T tow truck

    Product Truck Body Parameters of IVECO Hongyan 20T tow truck

    Underlift structure Fully retracted 8900(kg)
    Fully extended 6500(kg)
    Static capacity 16000(kg)
    Retracted length 1460(Millimeter)
    Extended length 3099(Millimeter)
    Working angle -7 ~ +7 (
    Folded angle unload -7 ~ +93 ()
    Boom structure Extracted lifting capacity 12000(kg)
    Extended lifting capacity 8000(kg)
    Extracted boom length 5170(Millimeter)
    Extended boom length 8470(Millimeter)
    Max Hubhöhe 6500(Millimeter)
    Working angle 5.0~33()
    Winde Menge 2
    Max. pulling power 10000kg *2
    Length of steel cable 45m *2
    Diameter of the cable Φ18
    Min. speed of winch 5 (m/min)
    Hydraulic Legs Qty 2
    Equipped Four sets of steel fork, a set of tow-fork sleeve, a set of steel plate hanging lug fork, a set of ABS device. A long warning light. Auxiliary light set, auxiliary pipe assembly

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    Hongyan tow truck IVECO Hongyan 20T wrecker truck

    Under this chassis/model, the loading/lifting/pulling weight we can make including: 12 Tonnen, 16 Tonnen, 20 Tonnen, 25 Tonnen…for exact parameters, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns.

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