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Isuzu Straßenstaubsauger

1. Marke: ISUZU

2. ENgine: 120 Pferdestärke

3. Fahrt: 4x2 / LHD

4. Wird geladen: 3-5 Tonnen

Isuzu Straßenstaubsauger

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Simple Introduction of Isuzu Vacuum Road Cleaner

Isuzu Vacuum Cleaner | Isuzu 8-cbm Vacuum Cleaner Chassis Configuration:Isuzu Qingling Isuzu (Radstand 3815) vehicle chassis, engine is Isuzu 120 Pferdestärke, 5-Gang-Getriebe, tires are 700R16 tubeless tires, National VI emission standards, The cab with flip, Klimaanlage, Richtung unterstützen, multi-function LCD instrument panel, Vorderachse 2-2.5 Tonnen, Hinterachse 4-4.8 Tonnen, mit ABS

Isuzu Straßenstaubsauger

Isuzu Vacuum Cleaner|Isuzu 8 cbm Small Vacuum Cleaner Features

1. The auxiliary engine adopts powerful Jiangxi Isuzu auxiliary engine or Cummins Hilfsmotor.

2. The automatic clutch drives the fan to reduce the impact on the engine when the fan starts and stops. The clutch has the advantages of high wear resistance, long service life, wenig Lärm, low fuel consumption and cost saving during use.

3. The use of Luoyang North Glass high-power wear-resistant maintenance-free centrifugal fan, kein Geräusch, hohe Effizienz, large air volume, and long service life.

4. The clean water tank makes full use of the vehicle-mounted space and has a built-in water level alarm. The inside of the water tank is treated with anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-virus, which makes the pump operation safer and guarantees the efficiency of cleaning.

5. The volume of the garbage bin is 4-10 Kubikmeter, and the waterproof material filter cartridge is installed inside, and the garbage is sorted and stored, which can effectively handle the leaves, Steine, and dust. The body adopts dumping and unloading.

6. The width of the main suction cup reaches 1800mm, the width of the left and right auxiliary suction cups is 500mm, and the maximum total working width is 2.8m. Das 4 height-adjustable nozzle wheels can easily adjust and ensure a reasonable gap between the suction cup and the road surface, so as to achieve a better dust collection effect and a higher dust collection efficiency.

7. Automatic pulse cleaning function. The auxiliary machine is equipped with an air pump and a volume air tank. When a certain air pressure is reached, the pulse blowback device is turned on to blow back and vibrate the filter cartridge in the box, so that the filter cartridge is not easy to be blocked during work, which is effective Improve the suction, so as to achieve a better cleaning effect, computer PLC control, adjustable pulse interval time.

8. The manual push-button hydraulic system in the cab drives the main suction cups up and down, the left and right auxiliary suction cups drive, the pulse cleaning function, the opening and closing of the back door of the dustbin, and the dustbin tilting resetting and other mechanical actions.

9. There is a display screen in the cab. When the vehicle is working, it can monitor the front, Rückseite, links, and right of the vehicle, the main and auxiliary suction cups, so that there are no dead corners in the work, and the driver is more convenient and more efficient.

10. The hydraulic pipeline adopts the German standard technical sealing structure, which has good anti-vibration performance and high sealing reliability, and can achieve a leak-free sealing effect.

11. It adopts high-quality Yuci solenoid valve group, and the key electric control element adopts Schneider electric switch, which has high reliability and long service life.

12. The hydraulic components adopt integrated superposition design, and the cab electro-hydraulic centralized control is convenient for operation.

13. Install a manual pump emergency system, which can lift the trash can even when the auxiliary engine is stopped, which is convenient for maintenance.

14. Non-stainless steel parts are subjected to electrophoresis anti-rust treatment, which is durable.

15. The sub-frame load-bearing beam is welded with square steel with a section length of 120mm, a width of 60mm and a thickness of 8mm, which ensures the safety of the entire vehicle and makes the vehicle safer.

16. The appearance is computerized design, high side skirts, curved surface transitions, and the overall coordination is symmetrical. Achieve low fuel consumption, wenig Lärm, streamlined appearance design.

Contact customer service for the reserve price: +86 18872992009 (gleiche Nummer auf WeChat)

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