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Fotos 2 Tonnen Kehrmaschine

1. Marke: Fotos

2. Fahrt: Linkslenker/4x2

3. Pferdestärke: 68

4. Fotos 2 Tonnen Kehrmaschine

  • Spezifikationen

Fotos 2 Ton Road Sweeper_Futian Blue Sweeper Configuration: adopts original Foton era chassis, single-row white front-turning cab, Quanchai 68-horsepower National VI diesel engine, 5-Gang-Getriebe, wheelbase 2600mm, 6.00 Stahldrahtreifen, Servolenkung, mit Original-ABS, Klimaanlage.

福田2吨扫路车 扫路车 第1张

Basic configuration

Standardkonfiguration: central 4-sweep plate, Sanyo Motor, JMC Isuzu Hilfsmotor, Schneider Steuerschalter, Hypress solenoid valve group, infinitely variable automatic clutch, wartungsfreie Radialventilator, Edelstahl-Wassertank, stainless steel trash can, Polaris elektronische Wasserpumpe, garbage Box lifting and self-unloading, LED arrow lights at the tail, Handpumpe Notsystem, front sweeping brush arm rotation mechanism uses high-tech wear-resistant engineering spacers, kein Fett; precision cold-formed seamless hydraulic oil pipes.

Optional configuration Users can choose to install front flush, back spray, sprühen, garbage bin self-cleaning function, reversing image operation monitoring system, auxiliary straw device, snow shovel and other configurations according to personal needs.

Features of Foton 2 Ton Road Sweeper

01. Adopt the combined method of suction and sweep to collect garbage, Nass Entstaubung, elektrohydraulische Steuer, and hydraulic tipping and unloading operations to clean the road surface.

02. The auxiliary engine is used to drive the fan and hydraulic system to ensure that it can continue to work during driving and ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.

03. The transmission setting between the auxiliary engine and the fan is equipped with an automatic clutch, which can ensure the automatic separation of the auxiliary engine from the fan when the auxiliary engine starts and stops without load, reduces the impact on the auxiliary engine, and improves the working reliability and service life of the auxiliary engine .

04. The structure arrangement offour-plate brush + hintere Saugdüse” is adopted, which is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and the suction nozzle, and the vehicle has a good passability when transferring.

05. The scanner has obstacle avoidance protection and reset functions. It retracts after encountering an obstacle, and resets after crossing the obstacle.

06. According to different cleaning conditions, without increasing the auxiliary engine throttle, realize the sweeping pan high, middle and low three gears speed adjustment, which can ensure a good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions, while saving fuel consumption and bristles loss.

07. It adopts a full-floating suction nozzle that can be automatically leveled with the road surface, which has good dust suction effect and long service life.

08. Imported hydraulic valve group can ensure the stability and smoothness of the hydraulic action of the whole vehicle.

09. The high-quality hydraulic motor can ensure the working stability of the sweeping plate and long service life.

10. The outturned suction tube made of imported raw materials can effectively prevent the suction tube from being scratched and frozen, and increase the service life.

11. The precision seamless cold-formed hydraulic oil pipe has no oxidizing impurities on the inner wall to ensure that the hydraulic oil circuit is clean and does not block the valve.

12. The high-performance engineering plastic spacer is used in the sweeping brush arm, which has good abrasion resistance, free of grease and maintenance, and saves manpower and material resources.

13. The ultra-wide rear door and the opening angle greater than 85 degrees make it easier to dump garbage and clear the garbage bin.

14. The tipping angle of the non-trash bin is greater than 46 Grad, which makes it easy to dump garbage.

15. It can be equipped with front flush, back spray, sprühen, self-cleaning reel, operation monitoring system, auxiliary straw device, Schneeschaufel, etc.

16. Stainless steel water tanks and garbage bins can resist general corrosion and increase the service life of the tank.

Complete vehicle issuance: chassis qualification certificate, complete vehicle qualification certificate, national unified motor vehicle invoice, fahrzeugmontierte Werkzeuge, vehicle warranty manual, national service site catalog.

Must-see when buying a car

Our company’s model road sweeper has basically passed the declaration of national exemption announcements and environmental protection announcements, and can go through the tax exemption procedures legally, which greatly reduces the car purchase costs for our customers. Due to the different components and engine models of special vehicles, the price of the whole vehicle will also vary. Please contact us before buying a car, we will recommend the most suitable model configuration and the most favorable price for you according to your needs


Contact customer service for the reserve price: +86 18872992009 (gleiche Nummer auf WeChat)


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