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Dongfeng Huashen T5 Müllwagen


Dongfeng Huashen T5 Müllwagen

Dongfeng Huashen T5 Müllwagen,

Dongfeng Huashen T5 Hinterachshülsenarm + 18 quadratische mobile Kompressionsmüllstation in Chargen abgefahren.

Dongfeng Müllstation LKW

Diese 5 Einheiten Dongfeng Müllwagen sind für unsere Endverbraucher auf dem chinesischen Inlandsmarkt. Müllkompressionswagen für Müllstationen ist in China wegen der hohen Effizienz bei der Behandlung von Müll beliebt.

Dongfeng Müllstation LKW

Garbage compression equipment, which uses hydraulic equipment to vigorously squeeze and push the garbage, greatly utilizes the limited space of the garbage can, and can travel to and from the garbage disposal site many times. The daily processing capacity of a single mobile compressed garbage can is 40-200 Tonnen. The structure consists of a compression host, a gate lifting device, a hydraulic lock box device, a push-pull box device, a compressor or a box displacement device, ein Hydrauliksystem, and an intelligent control and monitoring system. The loading method has several structures such as side tipping bucket, rear tipping bucket, and various small garbage transfer vehicles. The supporting transfer vehicles are detachable garbage trucks and small electric garbage trucks.

Dongfeng T5 garbage station truck

Advantages of Dongfeng Huashen T5 garbage station truck

1) High applicability: The equipment occupies a small area and only needs to lay simple ground steel rails; it can be quickly installed in place without pre-embedded parts; it is suitable for the feeding of barrels, Wagen, and miniature collection vehicles; compaction Density 0.65-0.85t/m3. 2) Starke Flexibilität: Der Einsatzort kann jederzeit bedarfsgerecht verschoben werden, um temporäre Großgespräche zu bewältigen.

Dongfeng T5 garbage station truck

Dongfeng Huashen T5 Müllwagen Mobiler Müllwagen

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