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  • CLW 120 Model 120 meters fog cannon

    1. Name: Fog cannon

    2. Model: CLW-120

    3. Spraying Distance: 120 meters

    4. Brand: CLW

    5. Stock: YES

    • Specifications


    Hubei Chenglian Special Automobile Co.,Ltd

    CLW 120 Model 120 meters fog cannon

    Cheng Li Dust professional truck factory
    The Best Fog Cannon Supplier

    2020-04-16 original


    The main performance parameters

    Sprayer Model




    Patent No

    201 630 487 869.3

    Fan motor power

    55 KW

    Driven pump power

    11KW multi-stage centrifugal pumps

    Water Consumption

    10 (m3 / h)

    Vertical spraying angle range

    -10 ° – 45 °

    Spraying angle range around

    0 ° – 360 °

    Power Configuration

    380V 50Hz

    Noise level

    ca.63 dB (20mt)

    The number of nozzles

    Stainless steel nozzle 80 + 21

    Mist fineness

    10 to 150 (microns)

    Water filtration accuracy

    250/60 (m / mesh)

    Remote control distance

    100 metres)



    Operating temperature

    0 ° ~ 55 °


    1525 (KG)

    L * W * H

    2000 × 1500 × 2600 (mm)

    We can offer custom application


    Fog Cannon features:

    1.Skill strong, long range, penetration, strong adhesion fog particles, covering a wide range can be achieved precision spray.

    2.High efficiency, high speed spraying; yard prone to dust when spray dust, mist discharged fine particles, upon contact with the dust float, to form a wet mist, dust suppression can quickly sink down , mist sedimentation rate up to 95%.

    3.Secondary atomization techniques, using a specific promoter from the wind turbine the wind direction changing means so as to form an angle with the direction of flow of the fog particles to promote the full atomization of water.

    4.When droplets ejected from the nozzle is further crushed in a high-speed high-pressure air spray, droplet and the speed is gradually increased, to improve the degree of atomization, the atomization can be achieved generally droplet diameter of about 50-150um.Motive power flexible.

    5.Flexible operation, safe and reliable, and remote manual control operations can be controlled as to adjust the horizontal spray angle of rotation.

    6.Dust water consumption compared to other spraying equipment can save 70% to 80% (the gun, sprinkler locomotive), dust and mist coverage area is much larger than other spray equipment Dust.

    CLW 120 Model 120 meters fog cannon CLW 120 Model 120 meters fog cannon CLW 120 Model 120 meters fog cannon CLW 120 Model 120 meters fog cannon CLW 120 Model 120 meters fog cannon



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