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  • China Dayun 290 HP 10cbm concrete mixer truck

    1. Model: CLW5250GJBD5

    2. GVW: 25000KG


    4. ENGINE: 290HP

    5. SIZE: 9000X2500X3800MM

    • Specifications

    China Dayun concrect mixer truck supplier and manufacturer

    China Dayun 290 HP 10cbm 3 axles concrecte mixer truck, Dayun concret mixer truck supplier and manufacturer, chengli heavy duty concret mixer truck from China, the best and largest special truck manufacturer in China, brand as “CLW”.

    290 horse power Dayun concrect mixer truck

    The concrete mixer truck is composed of a special chassis for the vehicle chassis and concrete mixing and transportation. The chassis of the concrete mixer truck produced in China uses the second type of universal chassis provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

    Dayun Fengchi cab, airbag seat, electric glass, wheelbase 3800+1350, Yuchai 290 hp engine, Fast large nine-speed gearbox, 280MM double beam, 11.00R20 wire tires, 5T front axle, 11.5T Double rear axle, with ABS, urea tank, consult.

    China 290hp concrect mixer truck

    Most of the domestic mixers are use of wet concrete mixer truck, it can be shipped by the mixing plant (station) produced by the concrete or mixed according to the ratio of aggregate (sand, stones), cement and water, in the transport process, the wet material slowly Stir to prevent the concrete from condensing and segregating during transportation.

    China Dayun 290hp concrect mixer truck

    The specialized agencies mainly include power take-off devices, front and rear brackets for mixing drums, speed reducers, hydraulic systems, mixing drums, operating mechanisms, and cleaning systems. The working principle is that the power of the chassis of the vehicle is taken out through the power take-off device, and the variable pump of the hydraulic system is driven, the mechanical energy is converted into hydraulic energy and transmitted to the quantitative motor, the motor then drives the speed reducer, and the speed reducer drives the stirring device to perform the concrete Stir.

    Dayun concrect mixer truck

    This is Dayun concrete mixer truck, a famouse chinese brands mixer made by Chengli trucks. And also you can choose like Dongfeng concrete mixer truck, How concrete mixer truck, Jac concrete mixer truck, FAW concrete mixer truck, Isuzu concrete mixer truck, Foton concrete mixer truck…

    For more about the truch chassis or the detailed super structure of this Dayun concrete mixer truck , pls contact us by mail: or wechat/whatsapp: 0086 18872992009

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