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  • China Crawler conveyor / belt self unloading dump trailer

    1. Model: CLW9402ZLS

    2. Type: 3 axles trailer

    3. Unloading: Crawler conveyor

    4. Capacity: 30-60 cbm

    5. Loading: 50 Tons

    • Specifications

    China 3 axles Crawler conveyor self unloading dump trailer

    3 axles Crawler conveyor dump trailer

    This crawler conveyor/belt unloading is the new type/model we designed for the transport (loading/unloading) of Lime, lump ash, gravel, sand, clay, gypsum, grains, bulk feed, …

    Crawler conveyor self-unloading dump trailer

    3 axles crawler conveyor style self unloading dump trailer, the finished whole truck, which is ready to be draged to the painting room.

    Crawler conveyor type self-unloading dump trailer

    30-60 cbm crawler conveyor trailer, the tank capacity is up to the loading material, like stone we should make a small one 30 cbm, if loading material/cargo is corn or bulk feed, the capacity can be 60 cbm around.

    Crawler conveyor self-unloading dump trailer

    Working principle (unloading method) of Crawler conveyor trailer 

    Hydraulic motor drive crawler conveyor to convey unloading…

    Crawler conveyor dump trailer factory

    Main function introduction of Crawler conveyor trailer 

    This trailer is suitable for the transportation of bulk cargo such as sand, coal, grain, clay, and clinker. It is a perfect alternative for the transportation of side-turning, rear-turning semi-trailer dumping, flat container semi-trailer dumping, self-conveyor belt dumping semi-trailer unloading tanker, warehouse grid semi-trailer, etc., and completely solves the above-mentioned traditional dumping Defects, to provide customers with safer, more reliable and more efficient bulk material transportation vehicles.

    China Crawler conveyor dump trailer

    Product advantages of Crawler conveyor trailer 

    1. Larger volume: The effective volume is 30-60 cubic meters, and the loading capacity is large, which can meet the real needs of various working conditions.
    2. Lighter weight: The whole vehicle is made of wear-resistant high-strength steel plates, and the lightest weight can reach 7 tons.
    3. Efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to operate: the driver does not need to get off the car, and can observe the unloading situation through the camera in the cab and operate it by intelligent remote control, making the operation more convenient. No dust and low noise. The tailgate and top cover are opened by hydraulic pressure, which can be unloaded while walking, and can be seamlessly connected to the material yard. There is no need for two or three operations, which is more efficient.
    4. Stronger durability: high-strength panels are used for the girders and carriages, and the entire vehicle has undergone durability tests, and the product quality is stable and reliable.
    5. Higher safety factor: strong adaptability, no requirement for site flatness, no high restriction on working height, suitable for different unloading environments, no lifting, no risk of overturning.
    6. Original factory, legal compliance, large volume, no need for heightening, installation and modification

    Working Videos of Crawler conveyor self unloading dump trailer

    Dongfeng Crawler conveyor / belt self unloading dump trailer pictures

    Dongfeng Crawler conveyor belt dump trailer Dongfeng self unloading dump trailer

    Dongfeng Crawler conveyor belt tipper trailer Dongfeng dump trailer Dongfeng Crawler conveyor belt self unloading dump trailer

    This is the new design of the self unloading trialer, most for the engineering project, convenient and the most efficient.

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