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Congratulations! Chengli Truck, 5 billion yuan output in 2018


Chengli group’s total industrial output value exceeded 5 billion yuan one year, the output value of 5 billion yuan in 2018; one year, the increase was as high as 39%.

A few days ago, Chengli Automobile Group achieved a successful conclusion in 2018, the first industrial output exceeded 5 billion yuan, two years ahead of the completion of the “Thirteen-Five” target. From 2015 years to less than 2 billion yuan, to 2017 exceeded 3.6 billion yuan, Chengli with two years to basically achieve the doubling of output value. And another year, Chengli two years ahead of schedule to achieve the “Thirteen-Five” set goals.

Chengli Truck the output value of 5 billion yuan in 201801

Where is the growth point? December 28, 2018, 29th, Chengli is meeting the increase in the acceptance of military goods and new energy qualification related acceptance work. Qualification, from one side to illustrate the strength of a business. “With the exception of passenger cars, Chengli can produce almost any truck.

Chengli Truck the output value of 5 billion yuan in 201801

“Cheng Power Group party secretary He Juan introduced, in recent years, Chengli took down the vehicle, military, new energy, fire engines, pressure vessels, dangerous chemicals and other types of production qualifications, to achieve the whole vehicle and special vehicle qualification full coverage, for the enterprise to expand a great space for development. With the development, the old factory has become saturated, the new project all to the new plant layout. In the April 2016, Chengli started the construction of a new plant with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan and 1000 acres of land. At present, the first phase of all completed and put into operation, two period has been basically completed, all the equipment stationed, a total of 820 million yuan investment.

Chengli Truck the output value of 5 billion yuan in 201801

Phase two production capacity is expected to be released gradually in 2019. At the Chengli new plant in Zengdu Economic development zone, 9 modern plant buildings have sprung up.

Here has been the layout of Chengli Commercial Vehicle professional factory, dangerous vehicle manufacturing Company 7 Professional factories and the newly formed military vehicle professional factory.

The new plant, not only has more spacious production sites, but also more advanced technology, a higher level of management, more standardized process flow, more competitive projects. The dangerous vehicle is one of the main products of Chengli. Shenshao, the head of the company, said that after relocating to the new plant, the new lightweight aluminum tanker project, has become the company’s growth highlights this year, the annual output value of more than 80 million yuan, the product value of dangerous vehicles exceeded 200 million yuan.

Chengli Truck the output value of 5 billion yuan in 201801

In the aluminum tank professional factory to see, all achieved automatic welding, a workshop staff half efficiency but double increase. Big output value, do strong brand. Chengli accelerates the rise of the increase, the largest increase in the new factory. In 2018 alone, the new plant commercial vehicles, aluminum tankers, military products have achieved nearly 300 million yuan output value. Grab the “Belt and Road” opportunity, exports reached 30 million U.S. dollars for the first time.

Increase China’s well-known trademark “Cheng” brand construction, increase market expansion, quality improvement efforts, traditional leading products such as vans, sanitation vehicles, fire engine output value have achieved significant growth. “Chengli to unswervingly develop automotive products, unswervingly implement brand strategy, to create a ‘ century-old Chengli ‘.” He Juan said that in 2019, the new plant in Chengli will start three phases of construction, the construction of heavy-weight truck production lines and supporting facilities. The 2019-year plan completes an industrial output value of 6 billion yuan. Strive to recreate a process force in the new plant within 5 years to achieve the goal of 10 billion yuan in output value.

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