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Chengli suction truck participates in the tunnel rescue in Guangshui City


Headline: Natural disasters are ruthless, big love has traces—-Chengli Company dispatched the sewage suction truck and the staff to participate in the emergency rescue of Guangshui Baolin Tunnel for the first time, and won the CCTV-13 live broadcast.

CCTV news Chengli suction truck participates in emergency rescue

On July 14, Hubei Province’s key water resources project, the Guangshui Baolin Tunnel, suffered from water inrush and mud, and six construction workers were trapped. The provincial and municipal leaders attached great importance to commanding rescue and rescue. CCTV News gave a key report.
This newspaper (reporter Danyang reports) “Lang Lang Qiankun according to the sun and the moon, shoulders and shoulders to take the righteousness”, where there is danger, there are Cheng Liren’s public welfare and social responsibility. Since July 14, the construction site of the Guangshui Baolin Tunnel, a key water resource project in Hubei Province, has been affected by extreme weather and geological conditions. The muddy water in the tunnel has accumulated and the construction workers of the site have been trapped and lost contact. Dangerous and critical, and human life, affecting the hearts of Suizhou people and party and government leaders at all levels, CCTV and local media have even rushed to the front line.
Jiang Chaoliang, secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and director of the Provincial People’s Congress, and Wang Xiaodong, the governor of the province, made important instructions after the disaster occurred, safeguarding the safety of people’s lives and property at all costs, and demanding that every effort be made to rescue trapped people, scientific rescue, and prevent secondary accidents.

cctv Chengli suction truck participates in emergency rescue

From July 15th to 17th, CCTV-13 Taiwan and Hubei TV reporters broadcast live rescue and rescue situations. Many national and provincial media have conducted continuous day and night on Chengli professional dredging vehicles and staff regardless of personal safety. The style of fighting, the full force to participate in the emergency rescue and relief efforts, praised and praised.
After the disaster occurred, Suizhou’s party and government leaders and fire rescue officers and soldiers were vigorously and vigorously, and they went to the rescue site to fight emergency rescue overnight. Chengli also dispatched the dredging suction truck led by Huang Fangfang, the director of the municipal environmental protection car factory, at the first time of the rescue. The staff rescue team participated in the rescue and rescue operations.

Chengli suction truck participates in emergency rescue

Under the powerful organization of the deputy governor Cao Guangjing and Wan Yong, the people’s soldiers played a strong fort in the forefront and took the lead in the exemplary role.

Chengli suction truck participates in emergency rescue

On the scene of the disaster, Wu Chaoming, deputy mayor of Suizhou City (the first one in the front row), on behalf of the local party committee and government, personally directed the rescue and rescue, and lived in the first line of emergency for several days. On the right side of the above picture: Huang Fang, director of Chengli Municipal Environmental Protection Plant, reported the situation of dredging and rescue.

Chengli suction truck participates in emergency rescue

The troops of the troops and the fire fighters are waiting for the courage to fight for the first time and play a leading role in the rescue.
Under normal circumstances, tunnel landslides or water inrush and dredging rescue, the traditional operation is to use the muck transport truck(sewage suction truck), with the excavator shoveling dredging, this situation is slow and slow, the work efficiency is low, to be rescued in the golden time of life The personnel seem to be unable to do their best, especially the natural disasters of water and mud, which are more difficult and time-consuming, and the effect is greatly reduced.

Chengli suction truck participates in emergency rescue

Cheng Li dredging suction trucks and staff risked their lives in the night to enter the tunnel to rescue. As of the deadline, the manuscript has been rescued for two days and two nights. His dauntless heroic deeds are very impressive.

Chengli suction truck participates in emergency rescue

Water absorption and suction do not dare to rest for a moment, the responsibility to save lives is greater than the sky, this is our firm belief.

Chengli suction truck participates in emergency rescue

The dredging suction truck(sewage suction truck) and the rescue team continued to fight, and the mud and sand of one vehicle was cleared out of the tunnel, which opened the way for the rescued trapped personnel to win the golden time of life.

Chengli suction truck participates in emergency rescue

Cheng Li’s multi-functional high-powered high-pressure dredging and suction trucks have shown great power in the face of natural disasters and set a great battle.
The large-horsepower multi-function high-pressure cleaning dredging and suction truck (sewage suction truck) produced by Chengli Company has emerged for the environmental protection cause and emergency industry. The precise and efficient cracking of the natural disaster caused by water inrush is a tailor-made, which can be called tunnel dredging and pumping. Professional artifacts.
Cheng Liren is never absent from social welfare, charity and every emergency rescue and disaster relief. The natural disaster is ruthless, and there is a trace of great love. Cheng Li’s corporate culture is full of moral blood. Cheng Li not only has to be a century-old brand, but also Be the most socially responsible national enterprise.
At present, the search and rescue work of the Guangshui Baolin Tunnel is still going on day and night. The safety of the six trapped construction workers still affects everyone’s heart!

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